A Brief Introduction

I have spent the past hour figuring out how to change my layout and background and what-not on Blogger, and I am now bored of it, so I have decided I might as well introduce myself, and tell the world about the goal of this blog.

I am a 30-something (OK, soon 40-something) woman, who - for the umpteenth time in her life - is going through a major transformation. (I promise I will stop writing about myself in the third person now.) I am planning to concentrate on one particular aspect of this journey, in this particular blog: my newfound interest in Asian beauty products.

I was researching something (as in aimlessly clicking around) on the Interwebz a couple of weeks ago, and I somehow ended up on some blogs about Asian beauty products. You really don't need to know a whole lot about me to potentially enjoy this blog, but you need to know one thing: I used to take my (Western) beauty routines very seriously (the three-step cleansing routine twice a day, masks a couple of times a week, beauticians, makeup, all that jazz,) then my life changed, and over the past few years, I had really not been taking care of myself. At all.

I have always had oily skin. I have always had ginormous pores. I have always had blackheads and the occasional pimple. I thought that by this age, those teenage problems would be long gone; alas, they are not.
The worst thing that has ever happened to my skin, about eight years ago, was the Bare Escentuals line. You know, the makeup so pure you can sleep in it? My ass... Long story short, it gave me the worst cystic acne you can imagine, mostly on my jawline, basically making it look disfigured. It was atrocious, and I was on prescription acne meds for about a year before my skin went back to what it once had been: an oil field with pores visible from the moon, but at least I didn't look like I had caught some terrible third-world-country-disease that is potentially contagious.

Because of this dreadful experience, I became very cautious about what I put on my skin - despite the fact that I had never had such a reaction to anything in my life before, - and then the aforementioned life changes happened, so I spent most of my 30s not taking care of my skin.

I am quite lucky. I wish the oil on my face weren't enough to keep a small African village alive, and I wish people couldn't see my pores before they can see the rest of me. However, I have no small wrinkles (I mean, none,) and the deeper wrinkles I have (two on my forehead, two between my brows, and one by my mouth) - well, I can easily keep count of them, and they haven't really gotten worse over the past few years.
So, it could be a lot worse, I guess...

However, I think it could also be better.
And, this is where Asian beauty products come in.
There is a plethora of information online about how and why they're oh-so-much better than all the expensive (mostly) crap we use in the Western world. I will not repeat all of it for two reasons: 1. it's all readily available out there, and 2. the people providing this kind of information are so much better at it than I am that it's not even funny.

See, here's the thing about me, and the reason I call myself an amateur: while other kids were afraid of monsters under the bed, I was afraid of my Chemistry and Biology classes. I hated both, and they hated me back. With a passion.
So, don't expect me to analyze beauty products based on what is in them, and why/how they work.
I have no idea.
I love reading blogs by people who seem to understand all that, and can explain it in a way where even I think I understand some of it. It is a wonderfully helpful service they're providing to the rest of the world.

It's just not me.

I will try different things, and I will record how they feel, and what I feel they do to my skin. These will be absolutely non-scientific, personal reviews.
There will be lots of before/after pictures.
See, the main goal of this blog is not for the entire world to read it and subscribe, it's not to somehow make me famous where I will make money simply by sharing my thoughts.
This blog is what I think blogs originally were, before everyone and their momma wanted to be Internet-famous: it is going to be a sort of a journal, a diary, if you will, of this skincare journey. I want to record the steps, the mishaps, the victories, so that I can look back, and reminisce over each of them.

My first ever AB product came in the mail today, so I am guessing it means that this journey starts now...


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