First Impression: Tosowoong Bee (Venom) Essence

I was giddy as a kid on Christmas morning when I saw the mailman holding a little package with Tosowoong written on it, earlier today.
I was giddy because it had only been a week since I ordered something from the Tosowoong eBay store, so my little package had managed to travel across the world pretty fast.
I was giddy because I knew that finally, I had received my first ever AB product, and my AB skincare journey was officially starting. Wheeeeeeeee!

My little package was tidy, my product unharmed, and I even got samples! I. Am. Giddy.
What's more, the samples seem like things I might need and definitely want to try. Sweet!
My little package also included a cute thank-you note in broken English, and a comprehensive Tosowoong product-flyer, which will come in handy if I want to order from them again, and have no idea what I want or need.

So far, so good.

I have absolutely no clue how or why, but I ended up ordering their Bee (Venom) Essence.
I think this is where I should copy/paste the product's claims and ingredients from a website; unfortunately, the Tosowoong website is in Korean, and even Google Translate failed me. Like I mentioned in my introduction, I really don't understand what ingredients are and what they do, anyway.

Because I am not that much of a fan of typing, here are some screen shots from their eBay store - in case any of it is too small to read, here is the link to the current eBay listing, although I got it by winning an auction where I was the only bidder, and ended up paying less than USD 10.00, so the price here seems a little outrageous:

It can't be that bad, can it?

So, about an hour ago, I removed my mascara (the only makeup I wear these days, really,) cleansed and toned my face, and got more closely acquainted with this essence. 

It is a very light gel, which was eaten right up by my (dry) hand when I tested it. It smells like absolutely nothing. There isn't even a faint smell of, well, anything. 
Or, there's something terribly wrong with my nose. Which I hope there isn't.

Since the skin on my face is anything but dry, I only used a comfortably small amount of the essence. Most of it disappeared pretty much right away, but I can't help but feel like there's a very thin layer left, which I am worried will make my skin feel/look even oilier in a few hours. We will see.
Other than some slight tingling, it felt about as interesting as it smelled: you know, nothing. 
Now, don't get me wrong, I am not looking for instant gratification here. I am fine if it doesn't feel like anything special now, if it is going to help my skin in the long run. 

And here is the part that I am dreading: a no filter, no makeup photo of part of my face, as of right now. But, I need to do this because I want to see what changes in the next few weeks and months. 
So, this is me, with nothing but my new Tosowoong Bee (Venom) Essence on my face.

Here you can see my PIH, my ginormous pores, a (most likely) whitehead I seem to have scratched, and some cystic acne remains from my tragic run-in with Bare Escentuals. 
This here is what I am hoping a brand new (AB) beauty routine will help me fix.

Today's little Tosowoong package is the first step...


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