Review: Beauty Friends II Raspberry Essence Mask Sheet Pack

Last night, I decided to try something completely new: not only my first ever sheet mask with raspberry essence, but also my first one from a brand (?) called Beauty Friends II. (No, I have no idea if this is the name of the brand, or the name of this line of sheet masks. I see these are being sold on some websites like or, but I haven't been able to find anything about the manufacturer. Talk about taking a plunge...)
Edit: thanks a lot to Charmigdot for pointing out that these masks are actually by Vanedo. She reviewed their original Beauty Friends raspberry sheet mask here

Sorry about the crappy photo, the packaging is very shiny

I got several different kinds of these masks with my mask sheet haul, mainly because they were really cheap and available with essences I had never tried: raspberry, potato, or "cereal." Yes, I am at a point in my AB routine where I will happily try (almost) anything whose star ingredient sounds intriguing because, hey, that might be just the thing my skin has been missing for almost 40 years!

Looking at the list of ingredients (which, remember, I still don't pretend to understand,) I can see that the Rubus Coreanus Fruit Extract can be found around the middle, in an amount of 12 grams. 

Since the front of the packaging says that there are 23 grams of essence included, I'll assume that over half of it being the star ingredient is not too shabby for a cheap mask. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please. Remember that I have very limited experience on which I am basing this assumption.)
Also, I consulted the Interwebz, and told me that "Rubus coreanus (syn. Rubus tokkura; also called Korean black raspberry) is a species of raspberry native to KoreaJapan, and China. It produces edible berries (not true berries in the botanical sense) that are fermented into bokbunja ju, a Korean fruit wine (although the majority of fruit commercially grown for producing this drink are actually Rubus occidentalis, native to North America).
So, now I know that as well.

The website told me that "Raspberry - includes Rubus Coreanus Fruit Extract that help to make skin supply while it cleans and moisturizes. The raspberry face mask sheet contains the powers of raspberry which are known to help make your skin look supple and soft. It helps fade age spots and discoloration and it protects your skin from damaging sun rays. A great moisturizer to keep your skin moist for hours."

The mask was quite soft and dripping with essence. It was actually much better a fit than this photo would indicate, it's just that once I start making cuts on sheet masks, I don't seem to be able to stop.
It did have a faint scent of raspberries, but it wasn't anything that would make me go wow; not in a good way where I almost want to lick it to make sure it's not actually a raspberry sundae, and not in a bad way where the fragrance would bother me and make me wonder if it will give me a breakout. It was a clean, barely-there scent that didn't smell clinical to me; then again, my sense of smell isn't my strongest suit.

As you can see, there was very little essence left over in the pouch, which explains why the sheet was so soaked in it. I do enjoy decanting the essence from a sheet mask package, and use it a few more times if my skin agrees with it, but that's really not my main goal, so I didn't mind it at all.

The sides of the sheet became completely dry after about 40 minutes, but it was still rather wet more towards the middle (of each piece; as you can see, I had cut it into several pieces. I'm sorry, mask.) I removed it, and massaged the remaining essence into my face. It was absorbed surprisingly well.
As usual, I simply followed it with my night cream, and soon thereafter, called it a day.

My skin felt nice and peaceful the following morning. It was soft to the touch, and the skin tone was as balanced as it can be at this stage of my life. There was no sign of any sort of adverse reaction, and everything I had put on my face the night before, seemed to have been soaked up very well. (Which is one of the greatest novelties AB has brought into my life: products that don't just sit on top of my skin. Being able to layer products without feeling like I am wearing a sticky mask. That kinda thing. It's pretty awesome, and something that had been missing from my life for 20+ years of purely Western beauty routines.)

Because there's no window in my bathroom, the lighting is the very same in each photo.

The first photo is of my face after my evening cleansing (cleanser + toner.) 
The second photo is of my face after removing the raspberry mask.
The third photo is of my face on the morning after (before my morning routine.)

All in all, while I doubt this mask will ever get to be anywhere near HG status, for me, it's a surprisingly nice one - both to wear, and in its effects on my skin. Since it's dirt cheap, I can see myself picking up a couple with my next mask sheet haul, for days when I don't feel like my skin needs anything ultra-special, but I still want to wear a nice mask it likes.


  1. This is the Vanedo Beauty Friends II sheet mask! The ingredients certainly look better than the first Beauty Friends range.

    Weirdly I reviewed the first Vanedo Beauty Friends raspberry sheet mask last week - review can be found on my blog if you are interested (should be able to access via my username), feels like it might be rude to post a direct link here though :)

    1. Please do post the link! It's not rude at all!
      Thank you for reading! <3

    2. Thanks! If you're happy to, I can go back to my review where I mention the Beauty Friends II masks and add a link to your review in there :)

      My review is here:



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