Review: Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

Another day, another sheet mask about which to share my experiences. This time, this newbie used a mask she had used before (and she isn't quite sure why she is talking about herself in the third person right now.) It's another mask that everyone who has been into AB must have already used several times, or at least tried; if for no other reason, because RoseRoseShop seems to include one as a freebie with all their packages these days. That's exactly how I first got my grabby hands on one, but I have since reordered them because - in case you're interested in the TL;DR version right off the bat - I absolutely Love. This. Mask.

Bonus tiny, brain-damaged Chihuahua included!

Like I prefer to point out every chance I get, I don't (and I don't pretend to) understand ingredient lists. However, it's apparent even to me that the first ingredient isn't just regular water, like it usually is (and I guess that's good,) and that the second one is some marvelous snail goo, which means there must be quite a lot of it in the essence.

The sheet fits my face really well. You can't see in the photo, but it has eye flaps that I cut off. See, in this house, you can't just lie down in the middle of the day, unless you want random little dogs immediately whining and screeching to get on the bed with you, then climb up on your face. So, I always sheet mask standing up (or sitting down,) which makes those flaps useless. 

You might also notice that I doubled up last night; that is, I used an eye mask under the Benton sheet mask. In case you're wondering, it's one of those random Chinese eye masks that seemingly everyone is selling on eBay. I don't think they do a whole lot, but they actually do have that immediate rested-eyes effect, which goes away after a few hours, so it would make more sense for me to use them before I leave the house, and not at night when only my dogs and my bed will see the very temporary under-eye brightening and minimal lifting, but that's just the way things go, in my life.

The sheet is usually pretty dry on my face after about 20 minutes (the instructions on the packaging are all in - what I assume is - Korean, so I am not even sure how long I am supposed to leave them on,) and there is always some essence left in the pouch, which I decant, put in the fridge, and use instead of my regular essence for a couple of days.

I especially like to use this mask after dermarolling. I am about as new to dermarolling as I am to AB, and I have been using a roller with 0.3 mm needles once or twice a week. I have also been using the CosRX blackhead BHA liquid every night; on nights like these, 20+ minutes after I'm finished with needling my face.
The reason I like this mask after dermarolling is two-fold: one, I already know that my skin likes this essence, and since it suddenly has a gazillion teeny-tiny holes on it, I'd rather stick to something that I know won't cause an adverse reaction; and, two, it is great at soothing my temporarily tortured skin.

Whenever I use a sheet mask, I skip my regular essence (Tosowoong's Bee Essence,) and after patting into my skin the essence left over after using the mask, I only use my regular night cream (a pretty expensive Western cream I got at a damn good price and am using up. I think it's actually a rather good product, albeit too heavy for me, and I feel like it would be such a waste to throw it away just so that I can start experimenting with new AB stuff. I'll have time for that when this runs out.)

In the first picture, you can see that my skin is feeling a little uneasy after being poked, and later slathered in BHA. After the 20+ minute wait-time, I put on the Benton mask, and in the second picture, taken right after I'd removed the mask and did some patting, you can see that it was already feeling just a little less uneasy. While I am crazy for instant gratification, with sheet masks, I like to see how my skin feels when I wake up the next day, and the essence has had some time to - hopefully - work its magic. As you can tell from the third photo, my skin was very pleased this morning.
I'd also like to add that the lighting is exactly the same in all three photos; I don't have a window in my bathroom (one day... one day I will live in a place where I do,) and I had the same lights on when taking every photo. It might not be the best lighting, but it's the same, so the difference you see is real, not unlike the struggle.

If there is one thing on which everyone in the AB community seems to agree (much more so than in the Western beauty community where more seem to believe that there are products which will work for everyone, much like the raw diet people in the dog community; wink if you know what I am talking about,) so the one thing on which everyone seems to agree is that YMMV. All I can tell you is that this mask works wonderfully for me, and if you feel like it (and you couldn't spot any ingredients you already know your skin hates,) I'd suggest you give it a try!



  1. I've got some of these on their way to me now, thanks for posting photo evidence that they reduce redness! I'm hoping they will help me out when I get my usual hormonal acne.

    1. Thank you for reading, and I really hope they will work as well for you as they work for me!

  2. Dealing with the excess serum, prior to putting on my mask, I like to lay the mask flat and fold down the mask wrapper by 1 inch . This way no excess serum left in the pack & all will be left on the face.

    1. That's a good idea. What I have been doing for a while, is I open the pouch, get the excess essence, slap it on my face, and THEN apply the mask itself. That way, I can be sure all the extra essence is trapped in there. :) Thank you for reading and commenting! <3



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