Review: Nature Republic Royal Jelly Real Nature Mask Sheet

Last night, I tried the first sheet mask from my mask sheet haul. There was no science behind my choice; by random draw, last night's winner was Nature Republic's Royal Jelly Mask Sheet. Which, interestingly, I cannot find on the brand's website, even though it seems to be available just about everywhere else online. In fact, their site lists a single lone sheet mask? If anyone can figure this out, please let me know. But, I digress...

Because I cannot get the details from their website, I will turn to to figure out what this mask is supposed to do to my skin: "Royal jelly extract rich in vitamins and amino acid provides skin nutrition, adenosine gives skin elasticity care. Natural cellulose sheet provides nutrition essence deep into skin." Cool, I can do that. Also, God bless Bing Translate, for real!

For all y'all science nerds (says she, with some distinct jealousy in her voice,) here are the ingredients:

So, that's that. Not that I am trying to pretend to understand any of this, really, but this seems like what others would call an average sheet mask, methinks

Just so that I will mess up the timeline a little, let me show you how much essence I could decant. As you can see, there is about 23 ml (or 0.78 fl. oz.) of essence in this pack, and I found that after using it, there was at least 10 ml (or 0.34 fl. oz.) left behind, lonely, so I quickly decanted it. Here is my attempt at demonstrating the leftover amount, as compared to my 60 ml (or 2.02 fl. oz.) bottle of the Tosowoong Bee Essence (which I like a lot more these days than the hotlink'd "first impression" review indicated.)

That's a whole lot of essence to waste!

Now, for the masking experience...
If you're impatient, or you don't have time to read this whole thing now, or it is getting way too long, anyway, here's the TL;DR: I hated it, but there is a surprise at the end, so don't quit yet.

The sheet is anything but soft, and the fit is atrocious.
I have a round face, but one needs to have a round round face for this sheet to fit. I mean, the sheet is ginormous, especially laterally speaking. I found myself cutting entire pieces off, by the side, because it was just. Too. Damn. Wide.
The nose flap was too long. 
It was just generally not right. And because the sheet wasn't soft at all, it was even more painful to try and get it to fit, despite all the alterations that might get me an audition for Project Runway.

It was really not cool.  

Oh, and that straight line on my cheek? I have no idea what the hell that was, but it actually left an indentation on my face after removing the mask?! Just weird...

The instructions say to leave it on for 10-20 minutes, but honestly, I just got bored and tired of it after about 15. It wasn't that the essence was irritating my skin; it was this absolutely ill-fitting mask that was driving me slightly crazy.

The essence felt sticky and thick on my face, and had I used it in the morning, there's no way in hell I could have left it on, no matter how much patting and massaging I did. It just felt yuck.
I simply put my night cream over it, and soon thereafter, went to bed.

Here comes the surprising part: the morning after.
As much as I hated pretty much everything about using and wearing the mask, and despite the way the leftover essence felt, my skin looked positively awesome in the morning. It seemed very well rested (I wasn't,) plumped, and the one angry, deep (cystic?) pimple I had had on my jaw the night before, was pretty much gone (my jaw is the armpit of my face, and despite all the years that have passed, I still feel like it hasn't completely recovered from that tragic reaction to the evil Bare Escentuals powders.) I mean, I can kinda feel a small bump, still, but it had shrunk considerably, and it's no longer red, and angry, and painful, and hating the world.

There had been nothing new in my evening routine other than this terribly uncomfortable mask, so short of my pimple just giving up and committing suicide, I cannot think of anything else but the mask/essence calming it down and making it leave.

I think I have another one of this mask, and I know I have a few other types of Nature Republic masks, which I am now not looking forward to actually wearing on my face for 10-20 minutes; however, I am looking forward to seeing whether the decanted essence (which I am planning to use for the next few nights) is going to make my skin look this nice every morning...


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