Review: TonyMoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

One of the many sample packs I received with my first RoseRoseShop haul, was TonyMoly's Tomatox Brightening Mask. It is dirt cheap, and seemed like a good enough amount for me to try and for my skin to figure out whether it likes it or not, before I invest in the full-size product (which is still pretty cheap on RRS, by the way.) I have already decanted the sample packs, so here is a photo of the ultra-cute box from Urban Outfitters:

This morning was the second time I used this mask, and I was hoping I'd be more impressed than I'd been the first time around; alas, that didn't happen.

The mask itself is thick and sticky, and it has a pretty strong smell of something I cannot put my finger on; my sense of smell is generally not the greatest, so I know I will never become a famous perfumier, but I'd love it if I could place this smell - the smell of anything, really, that I put on my face. It's not overly chemical, yet there isn't anything natural about it, for me, which is completely confusing.
I think I have figured it out as I was washing my little decanting jar: it smells like artificial cucumbers!

After cleansing, I followed the directions, because I am nice like that, slathered this all over my face, massaged it for about two minutes, then let it sit for another 10 minutes before rinsing it off. 

Let me tell you, this is just not the consistency that would make a facial massage enjoyable for me. It stuck to my face (even though I put on more than I had the first time around; if that is still not enough, then you will end up using up this product very, very quickly,) and whatever I was doing felt nothing like a massage, and more like the Tug O' War World Championships on my skin. Which we all know isn't good because we have to be nice to our skin and all that.

As you can see, the mask has a very strong grayish white sheen to it, and it really makes me wonder if the "immediate brightening effect" is more thanks to some of the product refusing to be cleansed off completely, or if there's some actual brightening going on here. I know that I could see none of the latter, at least not past a couple of hours, the first time I used this mask. 
Of course, it is supposed to do more than "just" brightening: the Urban Outfitters website tells me, it will also revitalize, clarify, and hydrate my skin. Yee-haw!

I don't claim to be 100% fluent in My Skin, but as much as I understand, it doesn't seem to agree that this mask does any of those jobs - or at least, that it did any of them well.

As you can see, I was <insert random number over zero because I have no idea how anyone comes up with these numbers> shades lighter after cleaning off the mask, but I don't think it's a nice kind of light; it reminds me more of, well, me with the flu. My skin didn't look or feel bright and hydrated and clarified: it just felt sticky and dull.

At least, I didn't have an adverse reaction to it when I first used it (which tells me I should be fine this time around, too, right?!) but that's really the only positive I can say about it.

Your mileage may vary, so you might find an HG product in this mask, and you will never want to be without it. These ten-pack samples are readily available all over online (including several well-known eBay stores, with free shipping,) so - like with just about anything, - I'd suggest you try those first to see if you like it (a whole lot) more than I do.
I don't know if it's fair to give up on a face mask after two tries, but I really feel no longing to use this ever again. It's just not for me, and my broke ass will not cry about throwing out some cheap samples (which it would, had I taken the plunge and bought the full-size product.)


  1. I admit that this mask probably doesn't do anything, but I kind of like it anyway! I got a pack of samples from RRS, too, and I honestly think the clown paint white goo aspect of it is just kind of fun sometimes? Fortunately I have found much more effective wash-off masks from Innisfree, Missha, etc. Pretty much any other mask works better than this one, but it is a little fun!

    1. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! :) What are your favorite wash-off masks? So far, Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is the only other wash-off type I use, and I really think that is outstanding! Skinfood's Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Pack is on its way, too, and I can't wait!



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