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Being a newbie, it's not only the incredible amount of Asian skincare brands and products that can be overwhelming; the number of different online stores, what they offer, how they compare, and in which combination of shipments and products one can get the best bang for her buck, can seem like an equally confusing maze.

I can no longer recall how I ended up on the Hong Kong-based website, but I did, and their offers seemed almost too good to be true; which, if you're old enough, you know typically means something is, in fact, too good to be true. However, because of the awesome prices and the free worldwide shipping on orders over USD 40.00, I suppressed the little voice in my head, and placed an order for randomly chosen (by me) 36 sheet masks, which just qualified me for said free shipping.

Awesome fact #1: I got 36 sheet masks for about USD 40.00, with free shipping to Europe! offers a whole bunch of freebies, and with sheet masks, it certainly means free sheets masks, not just little samples in inconvenient little sacks. Cue in Little Voice Inside My Head, that went, "They certainly can't mean that I can choose any or all of these free masks with my order, can they?! I mean, that would be crazy!" So, I quickly emailed them to ask.

Despite the time difference, I received a very nice response right away, and was told that I could choose as many as 15 free items (as in almost half the amount of sheet masks I had actually paid - very reasonable prices - for, for absolutely nothing. Zero dollars. Nada. Wow...)

Awesome fact #2: I could choose up to 15 free sheet masks (or other products from the Freebies page on their website) with my order! I decided how many!
(*Confession: I am quite a shy person, and since I had already placed my order and didn't want to seem greedy, I told the rep that I will just take anything they will give me for free. So, I didn't hand-pick my free samples/products.)

After exchanging a few emails with their customers rep, I suddenly received one from's founder! I had read an interview with the lovely Ms. Eugenie on a blog, and she is just as sweet and helpful as she had sounded there. We connected in several ways (like, being born in the same year, and each of us having lived in different parts of the world, and our love for sheet masks,) and let me tell you, - and this is going to sound really so cheesy, but I do believe it to be true - she seems like she is in it not only to make money (hey, every business needs to make money to survive!), but even more than that because she believes that the products she is selling are going to help people look and feel better, and she wants an as wide audience as possible to be able to experience that feeling.

Awesome fact #3: I am a sucker for personalized service, and delivers!

Now, let's see the timeline of my order:

  • Order placed: 8/2/15
  • Order shipped from Hong Kong: 8/7/15
  • Order arrived at my doorstep in the middle of Europe: 8/13/15
That is a pretty damn good timeline if you ask me.

Here is the package that my mailman handed to me about an hour ago:

Which leads us to Awesome fact #4: because of the small amount on the customs declaration form, they saved me the 27% VAT! I'll be honest: even if I had had to pay it, this order would have still been worth it. But hey, no one wants to pay more than they absolutely need to; not to mention that customs here likes to hold on to packages for a few days, which I understand is a lot shorter a time than what is the norm in a lot of other countries, but just like I don't like to pay more than I absolutely need to, I don't like to wait longer for my packages than I absolutely need to, either.

The package was big. BIG. It was nearly 1.5 kg, which is over 3 lbs., so just stop for a minute and think about how much that would cost in shipping at some of our other favorite online AB stores...

Got it? OK, let's move on.

The masks inside were carefully bubble wrapped.

Of the three bubble-wrapped packs, one was nothing but freebies!

And, the two others were the masks I had paid a little over USD 40.00 for. Altogether. With free shipping. I feel like I can't stress it enough:

Here are the masks I bought. There is a couple of brands I haven't heard about, and I have never tried the rest (yes, still a newbie,) but have seen them in the AB blogosphere and on the AB subreddit. The photo also features the butt of the oldest of my dogs (I rescue dogs, by the way, so PSA: Adopt! Don't shop!) who is too old and too grumpy to be moved while sleeping, so there he stayed:

Here are the products I got for free. All of them. For nothing. Really:

You might have already guessed that I am 100% satisfied with my shopping experience, and I hope many of you will give them a try. These masks (and those I may or may not have received with way too many random AB orders in the past month or so) will last me a while, but once I start running out, I am sure I'll order new ones from again. Their service has far exceeded my expectations.

I have seen those megabloggers do this, so I'll do this, too: I have in no way been compensated for or pressured into writing this review. I wrote it because I loved my experience, and I wanted to share it with the world. :) 


  1. WOW, so many masks! :D Looking at your post makes me want to go out and buy some more hehe. Can't wait to see what you think about all of them! :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by! <3 I have tried (and reviewed) a single lone mask so far because I also have others from previous hauls. :P So many masks, so little time. :)

  2. Just discoverd on my apps and love the way they explain all the products. I am looking forward to receive my order with free $40.00 shipping and my 10 freebie masks!

    1. Thank you for dropping by, and have fun with your mask haul! is such a nice online store to order from!



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