Empties Review: Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream & Good Night White Sleeping Mask

I don't know about you, but I like collecting empty cardboard boxes of Asian Beauty products I no longer use. The bottles? The ones I can reuse to decant other products into, I wash and sterilize, and reuse, and the ones I cannot, I just throw them out.

I thought I'd revisit two products whose cardboard boxes I still have but no longer use. In fact, both of them had only a very short history in my beauty routine.

Mizon is one of those brands that many seem to swear by, but never did anything for me
About the Brand
"A group of leading Korean beauty researchers and scientists from some of Korea's most prestigious beauty companies came together to make incredible beauty products accessible to everyone. Mizon starts with the science and sticks to the best and most highly regarded hero ingredients. They believe in sticking to what works and offering generous portions of special hero ingredients to make sure your skin is getting maximum value." (source)

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream

I threw both of these products into my shopping cart with my first RRS haul. 
Both were deeply discounted and the store offered free shipping on Mizon products.
That haul, my first, was completely random, and I just collected products that sounded like they might be good and were affordable.

I know many doubt that eye creams are worth it and aren't simply overpriced facial creams. 
I have been using eye creams for at least two decades (I am turning 40 soon,) and while recently I have been happily slapping my facial creams over my eyelids and on my under-eye area, I am not ready to simply skip this group of beauty products just yet.

My own experiences (and the Interwebz) tell me that eye creams hardly have any sort of immediate, Wow! effect, and they won't make those deepening wrinkles that come with age or the puffiness that comes with a problem in water-retention or the genetic dark circles, disappear. 
I do believe (and have no scientific evidence whatsoever) that over time, they can delay the signs of aging.

Here is what the Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream claims to do:

Here are the main ingredients with which it is supposed to achieve those goals:

And lastly, here is the full ingredient list on CosDNA.
I still don't know much about or pay as much attention to ingredient lists as a lot of people do, but this looks like a nice list to me. Hey, if water isn't listed as the first ingredient, it tends to automatically make me impressed.

Notable ingredients: Marine collagen 42%, natural moisture veil (argan oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, meadow foam seed oil, mango seed oil, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid), cacao extract, Copper tripeptide1, adenosine, raspberry extract, and orris root extract

Alas, ingredient lists aren't everything, I guess. Plus, skincare is 100% YMMV.
While this eye cream was easy to apply and comfortable to wear (it is a thicker, but very easy-to-spread gel that sunk into my skin fine,) it gave my puffy eyes. And, puffy eyes isn't even one of my regular concerns. 
I gave it a few more nights, but the result was the same. It wasn't anything tragic, don't get me wrong, and it definitely wasn't an allergic reaction. (I'd had that once, to an eye cream and man, I could barely open my eyes enough to find the tube and throw it into the trash.)
Maybe it attracts too much water? Maybe it plumps the skin too much? Maybe these questions don't even make any sense?

Whatever it is, it just didn't work for me at all. Looking back, I could have totally used it on my cuticles, I guess, but I just threw it out. 

Recommend? Not really. It really doesn't sound like a bad product at all, and someone else might have a better experience with it. It's just not for me.

Where to buy? RoseRoseShop - It is always deeply discounted (it currently costs less than practically any tall drink at Starbucks,) and they offer free shipping on Mizon products.

Mizon Goodnight White Sleeping Mask

This ended up in my RRS cart for the exact same reasons as the eye cream: the deep discount, the free shipping, and the fairly highly praised brand.

Plus, who wouldn't want "white skin like Snowy," right? 

Here is a list of all the ingredients on CosDNA. It's pretty long and I really have no idea what most of these things are.

The packaging is unremarkable, and so is the mask. It's scentless, it doesn't leave a sticky film, and has no skincaretainment value. And, none of these things is necessarily bad. In fact, added perfume is not good, a sticky film is not good, and while skintertainment is good, it is not necessary for a product to be wonderful (I am looking at you lovingly, CosRX.)

What is not good, though, is that this sleeping pack gave me CC's along my jawline (which is the most CC-prone part of my face) after a couple of nights. 
Now, other sleeping packs have, too, but this was my first one, the first ever sleeping pack I used, so I was disappointed. (In case you are wondering, I have narrowed down the potential culprits to dimethicone and its counterparts. I really think that they seal in everything too well for me, including whatever might be left in my pores if that makes any sense. It's too bad, really.)

Recommend? Not really. It didn't work for me, so I really cannot say you should give it a try. 

Where to buy? RoseRoseShop - It is always deeply discounted (it is even cheaper than the eye cream right now,) and they offer free shipping on Mizon products.


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