Empties Review: Su:m37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam

After learning about the importance of the pH levels of my cleansing products from Skin & Tonics, I quickly ditched the foaming cleanser I was using; I may not have known its exact pH level, but I did know that my skin felt dry after using it, and while Western philosophies had taught us that pretty much "if it hurts, it works," I was already well on way to realizing that it, in fact, was total bullcrap.

I won a sweet 40 ml tube of the Su:m37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam on an eBay auction, and started using it twice a day as soon as it arrived.

What it claims to do:
"This liquid foaming cleanser contains hypoallergenic, botanical cleansing ingredients, which can be used even for sensitive skin, softly removes skin wastes of pores, leaves your skin moist for a long time after cleasning with its essential moisturizing ingredients."

This 40 ml tube lasted me almost three months; I used it twice a day for about half of that, and then used it at night only when my CosRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser - that I had ordered from Jolse's eBay store as soon as it was available - took its place in my morning routine.

As you can see, my sample tube wasn't quite as fancy as the original packaging - which also includes a ginormous amount of 245 ml of product, - but it was efficient and hygienic, and certainly more convenient than having to decant product from tiny pouches.

Even though I have used up all of it already, I am still unaware of its pH level, neither was I able to find out about it for certain. A blog called The Beauty Imprint claims it's 6.5 or 7, while the owner of LoveAt1stShine says it is both 7 and 9, all in the same blog post.

Just based on my own experience, and how this cleanser made my skin feel, I'll assume that the former post is likely accurate. While a pH level of 6.5 to 7 is on the higher end of what's now considered acceptable in much of the Asian Beauty blogosphere - potentially on the lower end of "I won't put it on my face, nuh-uh!", - this cleanser never made my skin feel tight or stripped.

It lathers beautifully - and you really only need a small amount of product, so if you end up buying the full-size bottle, it might actually last forever, - it cleans really well, and it makes my skin soft.
Really, it does everything I need for a foaming (or second) cleanser to do. 

The smell is a little hanbang-y, but that's to be expected from Su:m37. Besides, my sense of smell isn't the greatest, so unless a scent is absolutely atrocious, I will not have an issue with it.

Recommend? Absolutely. There are good deals on eBay (just make sure you know from whom you are buying,) and unlike a lot of luxury skincare products, I'd say that even the full-size bottle is sort of affordable and absolutely worth the price because it will last a long time. This doll does everything a good cleanser should do, while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Where to buy? I'd say eBay (see above.)


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