Happy 2016!

Happy 2016, y'all!

I suck at resolutions, so I have sucked at keeping my blog going. I haven't posted anything for months; but hey, a randomly selected day of the year is good as any to refuel, right?

A lot has changed in my life over the past few months, skincare-wise (not so much everything-else-wise).

One of the biggest novelties is how my skin has changed.
For 39 years (or, well, as much of it as I can remember,) I thought I would always have very oily skin. That it was a given. Six months into Asian Beauty, and I am no longer an oily-faced person.
Not even kidding here.

It might be that my skin used to be dehydrated, and it no longer is.
It might be the BHA liquid I use about four-to-five times a week (I am planning to write a post about my acids routine.) 

Whatever it is, if I never ever accomplish anything else by switching over to AB products, not having a slick oil field over my entire face 24/7, and not feeling like I need to wash and blot and do anything to get rid of it, are a first for me, and a much welcome change in my life.

Stuff I use on a daily basis

I have tried lots of new things, most of which I have really enjoyed, and have found a few duds, too.

Sheets masks are something that seem to be a staple in almost every AB-fanatic's routine, but I have learned that they are just not my thang.
I believe my problem with them is two-fold.
One is that I could never justify spending over a couple of dollars for a sheet mask, so the ones I have tried (and the stash I still have to go through) are probably not the most enjoyable and effective masks on the market.
The other reason has nothing to do with sheet masks, really; it has to do with my hair. I have very long, very straight, very fine hair that I refuse to wash more than a couple of times a week. It loses its bounciness very easily, and I hate it when it just sits on top of my head, all limp and lifeless. When sheet masking, some of the essence gets into it - around my face, where it's the most obvious, - and if I use a hairband, it just flattens it within a few milliseconds. Blah
For a while now, I have resorted to sheet masking only before I wash my hair; I'll use up the masks I still have, but haven't bought a single new one for a long time.

I do use wash-off packs almost every day, though, and I have a few favorites.
The same cannot be said for sleeping packs. It seemed like whichever I tried, I'd start getting closed comedones (CC's) along my jawline (the armpit of my face) within a few days. I believe I have found the culprit: dimethicone and its closest friends. Since this occlusive seems to be an ingredient in almost all sleeping packs, this last step of a lot of people's evening routines, had to be omitted from mine, and I am OK with it.

Other than my face turning from extremely oily to (I am almost scared to say it out loud) normal, it has improved in other ways. A lot of my Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH) has faded, my pores look much better and less like bottomless volcanic craters, the CC's along my jawline have improved, and whenever I get a zit here and there, I just slap a hydrocolloid patch over it for the night, and it typically takes care of it. 

Some more stuff

My face looks and feels much healthier than I can ever remember it looking and feeling.
Is it perfect? No, it isn't. I have 30+ years of tanning, using inadequate products and methods, and a horrific bout of cystic acne that left me with some icepick scars to make up for. 
However, as I am nearing 40, I no longer feel like I have the skin of a hormonal 12 year-old, so that's quite an accomplishment.

Here is to an even more successful New Year; I hope yours will be everything you wish for.


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