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While my first shopping experience with was less than stellar - they do not send confirmation emails, my (paid for) order took almost a week to show on my account on their website, and the tracking number provided was inactive for numerous days, and they never responded to my inquiry about my order, - they do have some pretty awesome deals every now and then, so if you're willing to put up with some annoying crap, it's worth it.

Thanks to a blog post that I cannot find, for the life of me, right now, I had been prepared for the amateur-ish stuff, and since I'd paid via PayPal, I knew I didn't really have that much to lose.
I ended up getting the LJH Propolis Ampoule on a 1+1 deal (Fiddy made me do it,) plus added a small coupon, and paid $27.00 for two bottles, which is pretty amazing, and makes the annoyance worth it.

They also offer free international shipping; unregistered mail if your order comes out to less than $24.00, and registered over that. So, that's pretty swell.

Right now, they offer 60% off of each product on their website if you use the code CNY60% when checking out. This is what my cart looks like, right now:

I am not, in any way, affiliated with this online store, there are no affiliate links in this blog post, and it's really up to you whether you feel like the deals are worth the annoyance. 

They carry some obscure - to me - brands that I have never heard about, but they offer a few Asian Beauty blogosphere favorites, too, like LEEJIHAM LJH, The Skin Shop, or LadyKin

Happy shopping!


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