Review: 2gy Pure Refreshing Peel-Off Mask

I have amassed a large amount of samples from a few luxury brands - because, oh my, I could never pay the amount full-size products cost, but you can get large amounts of samples for about 10-15% of the price! It is an amazing way for me to not only dip my toes into the large body of water of luxurious Korean cosmetics, but also to try them for long enough where I can decide whether I want to live without them or not.

I received a sample packet of the 2gy Pure Refreshing Peel-Off Mask - I'd never heard of the line or the product - with one of my strictly-samples orders from eBay seller Olivecos, and decided to start the new year by trying it.

Now, ever since I found out that peel-off masks/packs may or may not stretch out your pores over time, I haven't used a single one, and have even abandoned the couple nose packs I have. Since pore size is one of my skin concerns, whether that claim is true or not, I'd rather not take the risk. Besides, I never found peel-off masks to be particularly enjoyable to use.
But, hey, I have it, it's something to be washed/peeled off anyway, so there ain't no harm in trying it, just once.

I have found very little information about the product itself, and the fact that the back of the little packet is in Korean, hasn't helped me figure out what I was using and what I was using it for.

What I did find was one eBay listing which had expired almost a year earlier, and which included some English description of the product.
The strange thing is that I never found a listing for a full-size product (OK, I wasn't looking that hard,) and even the ad shows these little packs. (The further description claims that there's enough product in one pack for two uses, which further confuses me about the packaging.)

So, there's that

Also, there's stuff in it

The mask itself is exactly how I remember all those crappy Western drugstore-brand peel-off masks I used to slap on my face, way back when: it is terribly sticky and it smells awful. It's a very strong, very artificial, sweet-and-sour smell.
It is very hard to spread - OK, possibly not as hard as some of those aforementioned products, but still a pain in the backside.
I slapped a thin layer over my entire face, and waited for it to dry, which took about 15 minutes.

Gooey, but not in a snail slime goodness kinda way

Then came the dreaded "How the hell am I going to remove this stuff that's stuck to my face now?" part. If you've ever used crappy peel-off masks, you know exactly what I am talking about, and unfortunately, this one was no different.
So, I started making faces, hoping for a little corner to get unstuck. As usual, it did - by my nose.
Removing it was awful. It did feel like I was removing the upper layer(s?) of my skin, and I kept apologizing to it for the torture.

When I finally got it all off, my face looked completely matte, and it felt very dry. I quickly slapped all kinds of hydrating goodness on it, and now - an hour or so later - it actually looks pretty damn nice.

I have enough product left for at least one use, and I might try it on my chest - which, I admit, I often fail to pay enough attention to, - but there's no way it is ever going anywhere near my face, ever again.

Recommended? No.

Where to buy? Don't.


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