Review: Annie's Way Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask

I am not as crazy for sheet masks as most Asian Beauty fanatics seem to be, but I do love wash-off masks and I love trying new ones. I have seen the Annie's Way jelly masks all over the place, and was almost too weak to resist a "get one free" type of deal on a couple of months ago. However, I realized that there were 35ml sample pouches available, and I love samples, so I grabbed the honey one. Because I also love smearing honey on my face.

This is what the sample pouch looks like:

And this is what it looks like, decanted into a small jar for the convenience of yours truly:

Ingredients (thanks to Fiddy for providing them!)
Distilled water, corbopol, hyaluronic acid, butylene glycol, honey extract, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), lecinol, d-panthenol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, methylisothiazolinone, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

I still know very little about a lot of these, but I do know I like short ingredient lists, so this is a good start.

The mask itself is like some slightly sticky jelly, and it goes on quite smooth; if you buy the full-size product, you will get a handy spatula that some might call badass. It helps spread the gel around and is hygienic. I used a random spatula, which was OK, but like other things that make this product a little tricky to use, its own spatula is probably the way to go here.

tyle="text-align: left;"> I am still on the fence about whether I like it, or not. 
I tried to put a thick layer on my face, but I am pretty sure I failed. In hindsight, I believe I did it right on my forehead, but used a too-thin layer on the rest of my face. 
Side note: the original product comes in a ginormous, 250ml jar. You'd think that would last forever. However, I now realize that you should use a lot more of this mask at a time than you would most other wash-off products, so I am really not sure it is as economical, in the long run, as the price-amount ration would suggest. Another thing to remember is that once opened, you can only use this mask for three months, which sounds like a terribly short period for a whole lot of product.

The mask dried pretty quickly on the-rest-of-my-face, and it started feeling like one of those peel-off masks that I really never want to use, ever again. It was still quite soft on my forehead.
The directions say to "scrape it off" with the spatula, which just didn't sound right to me. So, instead, I started massaging it like you would a peeling gel. A lot of the dried stuff came off. The soft stuff just stayed on my face. So, I kept washing it vigorously until I felt like there was absolutely no residue left. 
A really weird overall first experience.

I am not saying this is an issue with the product itself; it's an issue with me not following directions to a T. However, I will say that I don't think an inexpensive wash-off mask should be so complicated to use. If it were marketed as a "scrape-off mask," I would have probably stayed away.

The results? Meh. Maybe they will be more impressive when I use a much thicker layer over my entire face the next time I use it. This way, it was just nothing; not even on my forehead. My skin wasn't particularly brighter or more awake than before (I used it in the morning.) Thanks to allthethings I use daily, it is exceptionally soft already, so no difference there, either.

I might update this post when I use this mask again and have better results. 
If I don't, I won't.

Well, I did try this mask again. I used a much thicker layer. Still, it felt like a peel-off mask and like it was tugging at my skin as it dried. When it did, I tried to scrape it off, and it felt awful, so I opted for washing it off. It left my skin no softer or better moisturized than it had been before.
I might still be missing something here, but I don't think I necessarily want to keep trying; it just doesn't seem like a product that's worth much work, to me.

Recommend? It's honey, it's cheap, it's jelly, so why not? Because of the large amount of product needed for each use, the 250ml jar will not last you as long as you would think, and once opened, it can only be used for a measly three months, so you better get your masking game on.

Where to buy? I guess the price on isn't awful (they typically work with a large markup,) and they offer free international shipping on orders over USD 35.00.


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