Review: Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask

Like I mentioned, I am really not into sheet masks as much as I should be, and it's not necessarily the fault of sheet masks. However, when I got into Asian Beauty, I amassed a large amount of them, so I am slowly using them up.
This morning, it was the Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask's turn.

"DERMAL달몽 is a popular brand with young people, because of its fine quality and moderate prices, nowadays has become Korea's top-selling skin-care product and manufacturer, its natural ingredients, rich in fruit and herbal extracts with different effective in improving skin quality. Last but not least, Dermal granted Quality Awards in Korea, it is no doubt about quality standard."

Says their English-version website.

I got a bunch of these masks on eBay. They were very cheap, to begin with, but because of some PayPal issue that I sort of helped them sort out, the seller sent me double the amount of masks.

They're currently USD 4.52 on TesterKorea for ten sheets, so we are talking about some of the cheapest sheet masks here.

On the back of the sheet, everything can be found in both Korean and English.
The ingredient list is very average:

However, right underneath, it says, "Royal Jelly Extracts 1%, Hydrolyzed Collagen 0.2%."
Out of the 23 grams of essence, less than a quarter of a gram is royal jelly extract. That's about an ant's dinner's worth. (I have no idea how much an ant eats. My point is, it is practically nothing.)
Even before trying this mask, I had already felt tricked.
This should be called a Water/Glycerin mask.
(Side note: I really don't care much about the collagen part, because - and I really don't understand all this Chemistry stuff - as far as I have learned, collagen production happens in layers of the skin where you cannot really reach down with these topical products, anyway. Please do tell me I'm wrong if I am, though.)

The smell is pretty strong, the sheet is rough and surprisingly dry (not dry dry, but certainly not drenched in the essence,) the fit is not awful, but it was made for people with teeny-tiny ant eyes.
As you can see, I had to cut across by the bridge of my nose (which I usually do, anyway,) and pull the whole thing up so that I can actually see out from behind it:

I am also not sure why there is a lateral cut on the nose part (I didn't do that,) but I am sure it has its benefit. Somehow.

The mask felt like it had dried out after about a quarter of an hour, but when I removed it, there was still some essence left to massage in. On a positive note, it wasn't sticky and didn't feel like my skin was suffocating under toomuchstuff like some other masks have.

Obviously, I couldn't have been expecting too much from a mask this cheap, and it didn't do much, indeed. On the plus side, the leftover essence sunk in really well (maybe because it was mostly H2O) and didn't leave a sticky feeling.

Recommend? Nah.

Where to buy? If you really need to, hop on over to TesterKorea.



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