Review: Uniderm Hydrocolloid Patches

It was Asian Beauty that introduced me to hydrocolloid patches for pimples, and these little miracles are something I will never want to live without.
While switching to AB has made my skin healthier than I ever remember it being, my face is no longer an oil field, and I am having an easier time keeping my rather large pores clean, they're still large, and stuff still gets trapped in them every now and then, causing a small zit.
If I had to choose one product type to use for the occasional zit from now until the end of my life, it would definitely be hydrocolloid patches.

These Uniderm patches were the first ones I have ever used, and they work so wonderfully that I now have a stash of them and will keep using them. Yup, I have even resisted getting the much-hyped CosRX patches because these just work so well that I see no reason to switch, even if it's my beloved CosRX.
I know nothing about Uniderm, and Google hasn't been helpful, either. And, I don't care. There might be the tears of fallen angels in these little things, and if there are, I will live with that because they're great. Period.

I typically use them at night, but there's been times when I wore them during the day without any kid starting to point at me at the grocery store, screaming, "Moooooommy, what is wrong with that lady's face?" So, that's good.
I have never tried to apply makeup or my CC cream over them, but that's because I wear such products very rarely as it is.

There are 30 patches in each pack, two sizes

At night, after I finish my routine, I clean the zit with a Q-tip drenched in 70% alcohol, then just slap one of these babies on, and call it a day.
They. Stay. On.
They really do. And, I sleep like a maniac (on my side and belly,) I move around a lot, the dogs wake me up and push me around, and these babies never budge.

I remove them in the morning... and, I am happy.
Like all hydrocolloid patches, they work best on zits that have at least come to a head (or, even better, slightly open,) but what shocked me is that even if it's one of those mofos that are nothing but a bump deeper down in my skin, these patches do make them a whole lot better overnight; in the morning, the slight redness is gone, and they always shrink in size. I have no idea how or why that happens.

Recommend? Absolutely. 100%. A must-have product!

Where to buy? I have been buying them from the same seller on eBay, but there are others who offer them, too.

This is where I usually stop, but for those freaks-like-me who enjoy seeing hydrocolloid patches at work, here's a couple of crappy photos of what these do to small zits (I'll make it small so that you won't be grossed out, but you can click on it and look at it in all its g(l)ory.)

Beautiful, I tell ya!


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