Reviews: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask, Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask, Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask

Since I am really not into sheet masks as much as most everyone else seems to be, I am working on using up the stash I still have and bought when I thought I would be into sheet masks as much as most everyone else seems to be.

Like I have mentioned before, it's not necessarily the sheet masks' fault that I am not a big fan, and while I usually like the way they make my skin feel after using them, having one on my face is just not a fun experience for me. I also seem to notice very little difference between sheets masks, so here's a pretty blah review of the latest three I used.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask (Honey)

I love putting honey on my face, but this isn't the first honey-infused product recently that just didn't do it for me. I'm looking at you, Annie's Way...

I am pretty sure this also wasn't the first mask I have tried from The Face Shop's Real Nature Mask line, but the fact that I can't even recall what I have, should tell you that I must have been less than impressed with other flavors, too.

Here is the ingredient list that is neither too shocking, nor too shabby; honey extract seems to be near the top - followed closely by denatured alcohol, which isn't that impressive.

What I seem to remember from using this line, is that it's not a good fit for my face - and, it still isn't. The material of the mask is pretty rough, and it was obviously made for someone with a wider face than mine. I hate it when a sheet mask wants to crawl into my ears...

It first seemed rather dry and I even double-checked that it hadn't expired yet; that is, until I took a peek into the package and realized just how much essence there was left. A lot.
Not sure if it is because I store my sheet masks upright (even though I can't recall having this issue before) or because the material just isn't as good at soaking up the essence as it should be. I suspect it might be a little bit of both.

I patted all the essence (a whole lot of essence, in case you missed that part) on the mask, hoping that it will seep through and all the way into my skin.
This way, I could leave it on for well over 20 minutes, which I understand is nothing with higher-end masks, but it's plenty enough for me, trust me.

My face felt very sticky when I finally removed the sheet, and no amount of - increasingly aggravated - patting seemed to help.
It took my face about 20 minutes before it felt smooth and I no longer thought the essence was suffocating my skin. Once this happened, though, my skin was supple and looked truly healthy.
Then again, that's pretty much how it feels after whatever sheet mask I use.

At USD 2.14 for three on RoseRoseShop (excluding shipping,) this is an inexpensive sheet mask option. Hey, I am cheap when it comes to sheet masks, which is most likely why I have never had that MaskWow! moment.
However, if you think about all the different things you can buy for the same price (or that of, say, two masks,) I don't see how this would be worth it.

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Pomegranate)

This line is currently available for USD 3.65 for three in one of RoseRoseShop's eBay stores, so it's quite affordable, especially given that Missha isn't one of the cheapest brands out there.
I'd say it's comparable in price to the aforementioned The Face Shop (TFS) line; however, it's a slightly nicer experience to wear.

While each mask (and I forgot to mention it in the mini review above) has a very strong and not at all pleasant smell, I feel like the sheet of the Missha product is nicer and easier to manipulate so that it adheres better to the face. I am not sure what "cell fabric" is, but it is what the description claims I put on my face:

As you can see, the ingredient list is less impressive than that of the TFS mask since denatured alcohol precedes the - let's simplify it - pomegranate extract.

The mask itself was a much better fit for my face, though, and the sheet was nicely drenched in essence, leaving next to nothing inside the pouch once I removed it.

I could leave it on for about a half an hour before it started coming off, all limp and dry, by my chin.

The result? Honestly, the usual: no better or worse than even cheaper masks I have tried. I agree that comparing each rather cheap sheet mask to other rather cheap sheet masks will never result in a huge surprise. They plump my skin, give my face a very healthy, unified color and make it soft, but that's about it.

I'd say stay away from this one, though, because of the seemingly high content of denatured alcohol. I am sure you can find other inexpensive sheet masks on the market in which it is lower on the ingredient list.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (BlackBerry)

I do remember trying a few other flavors from this line, as well as how creamy the essence was and how well the sheet fit on my face. Remembering it is a big deal, for me!

See? No denatured alcohol as the third or fourth ingredient! Yay!

Currently available for around USD 4.20 for three on eBay (but the Innisfree website seems to run 10+10 deals on their sheet masks quite regularly,) this is about the same category, price-wise, as the two previous masks.

Ingredient- and experience-wise, though, I really feel that this product is superior to the other two.
It also has a strong, artificial scent (although not as strong as the others,) but the essence is milky (which I love,) the fit is much better, and the sheet itself is much softer than the others.

The fit feels much nicer than it looks. Also, see how I didn't even have to make a lateral cut by the bridge of my nose?

It stays comfortably moist for about a half an hour, and while the essence left behind feels quite thick, initially, it takes much less effort to tap it in than it took with the previous two masks.

All in all, if I had to choose from these three lines, I would definitely go with Innisfree's Real Squeeze. If you still find it hard to justify shelling out several dollars for a single sheet mask, this line might work for you.


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