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When I first heard about, people seemed to immediately add that it used to be another online store that many had had less than satisfying experiences with (to be fair, for others, everything seemed to have gone smoothly,) so for a while, I just kept looking at their website, and felt no urge to give them a try.
That is, until they ran an almost-too-good-to-be-true 1+1 Klairs event right before Christmas. I'd been eyeing their Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop for a while, but since a 30ml bottle costs over USD 20.00 wherever you look, and reviews are typically one of "OMG, this changed my life" to "It didn't do anything for me," I really wasn't going to shell out that kind of money.
For USD 23.00 for two bottles, it was too good a deal to miss, so my first order with StyleKorean started to take form.
Order placed: December 21, 2015
Order shipped/tracking number active: December 23, 2015
Order received: January 11, 2016

As you can see, it took my package 21 days to get to me from the day I placed my order, which is slightly longer than normal. However, not only did we have Christmas and New Year's smack in the middle of it all, the package was held at the customs office for over four days - I know that in some countries, that's pretty much nothing (I feel for you, guys,) but it's typically in-and-out within 24 hours over here.
So, considering it all, I'll say that it was the usual shipping time, and since StyleKorean sent out my stuff very quickly, it was not their fault that it took it a little longer than usual to get to me - it was Christmas's fault! 

And, speaking of customs: yes, they did put a smaller amount on the customs form, so I didn't have to pay a dime. Awesome.

You should be able to see it if you click on this photo to enlarge it: they randomly wrote USD 14.00 on the customs form. Works for me.
What you should also be able to see is that the box was in great shape:

What I ordered and how much I paid:
1. Dear, klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop 35ml 1+1 * USD 23.00 (MSRP: USD 23.36 for one)
2. BRTC The First Ampoule Advanced Serum 30ml * USD 14.42 (MSRP: USD 42.06)
3. The Face Shop Face&it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil * USD 5.99 (MSRP: USD 10.19)
4. Skinfood Royal Honey Mask 150ml * USD 5.44 (MSRP: USD 9.34)
5. Demeter Fuzzy Navel Perfumed Body Cleanser 240ml * USD 1.33 (MSRP: USD 27.10)

Subtotal: USD 50.59 (MSRP: USD 135.41)

Shipping cost: USD 12.92 (Zone 3, cheapest shipping option, tracking number)

Total: USD 63.11

Given all the goodies I got, how quickly it was shipped, and that all the products are fresh (OK, except for the shower gel, which will expire in 2017, but I'll use it up ten times over before then,) I'd say this was a pretty damn good deal.


It wasn't only the outside of the box that was in a perfect shape after traveling halfway across the world, everything inside was unhurt, too, thanks to an impressive amount of bubble wrap. I mean, everything was double-wrapped. 

Seriously, that's a whole lot of bubble wrap!

I got freebies, which were carefully tucked into a nice see-through plastic baggie:

Here are photos of the individual products:

Dear, klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop 35ml 1+1

BRTC The First Ampoule Advenced Serum 30ml

The Face Shop Face&it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

Skinfood Royal Honey Mask 150ml

Demeter Fuzzy Navel Perfumed Body Cleanser 240ml


I have had a perfectly good first experience with
  • They seem to constantly run some great weekly deals (currently, it's Missha buy-one-get-one-half-off week, but you should also check out their Clearance section where I totally scored two bottles of the Su:m37 Waterfull Timeless Water Gel Essence a few days ago for USD 7.33 each, or 90% off; of course, it sold out within a few hours, but mine are already on their way, so feel free to hate away!) while offering some really damn awesome prices in general.
  • The shipping fees are pretty much the same as those on TesterKorea or RoseRoseShop, so no surprises there. Since it is calculated based on the weight of your products, it's worth it to play around with the shopping cart, putting things in and taking things out, to see how you end up getting the biggest bang for your buck. 
  • They shipped out my package with a working tracking number very quickly (if I ever receive my order from HCKPlaza, I will tell you why I have a newfound admiration for working tracking numbers.)
  • They made sure that my products wouldn't become wounded warriors by the time they made it to my doorstep.
  • They seem to constantly keep adding new products, even though the current stash is nowhere near as comprehensive as, say, TK's or RRS's; but, if they keep it up, they might get there. 
  • They offer a small credit after each product you purchase as well as reviews you leave, and they have these random little coupons you can use (very easily, I might add, since they show up in a drop-down menu at the end of your order, so you simply have to click away.) These aren't amounts that will change your life or help you get closer to paying off all your student loans, but hey, it's money. I have already saved much more with those little points and coupons than my deeply discounted Demeter shower gel cost, so I am good.

The only negative I can come up with, is the fact that they don't send emails; no email once you placed your order (except for the PayPal email,) no email when they have shipped your product. So, like any good Asian Beauty addict, you have to keep refreshing your order on your account on their website. That is completely up-to-date, though. (Again, more than I can say for HCKPlaza.)

All in all, I'd highly recommend that you give them a try. You could just simply subscribe to their newsletter, and wait for that one deal that you cannot resist, like I did with the Klairs 1+1 promotion.


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