Haul: StyleKorean.com January 2016

After my first, very impressive experience with StyleKorean, I couldn’t resist placing a second order. The main reason for this one, was haircare. And, if you know me, you know that I care very little about my hair. Which is utterly depressing given the fact that, at one point in my life, I managed a small hair salon in the West Village of Manhattan.

I have very long - down-to-my-butt long, - very fine, very straight hair with which I can do absolutely nothing. I sometimes color it at home with whatever dye I find at a drugstore, and - I am almost embarrassed to admit this - every now and then, I grab my ponytail and just cut off the end. 
I refuse to wash it more than twice a week. I use drugstore shampoos and conditioners; when I am feeling adventurous (and/or find a good deal,) I might use some leave-in, spray-on conditioner, too. Then I let it air-dry overnight. Over the past eight-ish years, I probably blew-dry my hair ten times. Blow-drying, in my case, means bending over when my hair is almost dry, and holding the blow-dryer as far from my head as my short arms allow.

Carefully packaged, double bubble-wrapped

However, I am relatively lucky with my hair. Despite my very poor excuse for hair maintenance, it grows nicely, and it’s very shiny. (Of course, I have always wanted curly hair. The proverbial grass on the other side…)

Free samples

Shortly before placing the StyleKorean order in question, my father’s wife had grabbed a bottle of a ReEnfirst shampoo treatment” (which is what’s known in the West as a shampoo-and-conditioner combo) and while she was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how soft it had made her chemically treated hair feel even after only one use and how she would never want to live without it again, she decanted some of it, for me.

All my goodies

I used it and I was amazed. While “softening” my hair isn’t what I really want to achieve - it’s plenty soft, thank you very much, and since it’s long and fine, all the weight just pulls it down, - this “first treatment shampoo” made it feel so much stronger; just like in the case of my father’s wife, after only one use. I also loved how much less of it I needed than I normally do of Western drugstore brand shampoos, how well it foamed, and how nicely it smelled like herbs.
The next logical step was, of course, getting some of my own Korean hair care products.

Ryo Jayangyunmo Shampoo for Oily Scalp

What I got and how much I paid:
  1. Ryo Jayangyunmo Shampoo For Oily Scalp, 400 ml - USD 6.94 (MSRP USD 14.95)
  2. Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti-Hair loss Treatment, 200 ml - USD 4.35 (MSRP USD 9.35)
  3. Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence, 60 ml - USD 4.46 (MSRP USD 6.07)
  4. Nature Republic Foot Therapy Moisture Mask, 13ml*2 - USD 1.63 (MSRP 3.27)
Subtotal: USD 17.38
Shipping (Zone 3, cheapest shipping option, tracking number provided) : USD 12.92

Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti-Hair loss Treatment

  • Order placed: January 5, 2016
  • Shipped with an active tracking number: January 7, 2016
  • Arrived at my doorstep: January 18, 2016
Just like the first time around, I couldn’t find fault with StyleKorean now, either.
I got some great deals (side note: what I appreciate is that their “original prices” are very realistic; ergo, they don’t inflate them just so that they can then pretend like they’re giving you a big discount,) my order shipped very quickly, my goodies were very carefully packaged, and I got some samples. 

Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

I’ll admit that I had placed a third order even before the second one arrived, despite my almost-no-buy, but I had a very, very good reason for it, which I will write about some more at a later time. Buy or no-buy, there are some deals that you simply cannot miss…

Nature Republic Foot Therapy Moisture Mask

Recommend? Absolutely. StyleKorean is my new bae. I know they used to be HonestSkin - and they make no secret of it, - and some had issues with them back them (while others didn’t.) I also have no idea if they will keep up the great service or not; for now, I am 100% satisfied with them.
(Side note: I am just a consumer and am in no way affiliated with StyleKorean.)


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