Review: Su:m37 Amazing Peeling Smoother

Do you remember the days when we would scrub our faces raw with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub? Yeah, I wish I could forget that, too.
"If it hurts, it works," was my mantra for well over two decades of my life, trying to get rid of the layer of oil constantly covering my skin and the dead skin cells by harsh exfoliators. My skin hated it, but I never questioned if they worked, even though I never saw any signs that they did.

Thankfully, on my journey into Asian skincare, I discovered peeling gels.

First, let us make one thing clear: what you see balling up when you use a peeling gel, is not dead skin. It would make your face raw if it were. If you're actively shedding skin - from a sunburn, over-exfoliation, medication, etc. - there might be some of it in there, but no, normally there isn't.
I am chemistry-stupid, but even I got there pretty early on.

Here is what the Su:m37 Amazing Peeling Smoother claims to do:
"This liquid peeling smoother contains Bordeaux wine extracts full of polyphenol and organic acids and fermented ingredients excellent in removal of dead skin cells and moisturizing and softly peels off skin surface."

This is how you use it:
"After washing face, take a coin size amount on a cotton pad gently wipe the half of face along the skin texture, and take another amount on a new cotton pad, smooth over the half of face. After removing residues with enough soaked cotton pad, apply the basic skin care products. For oily and acne skin, it is recommended to wash face with lukewarm water."

I could only find the list of ingredients on a Polish blog, so this isn't confirmed, but damn, it's long. So long that I won't even copy-paste it here, but you can see it for yourself here.

As usual with luxury products, I went for a ten-piece sample pack from a trusted eBay seller, decanted it all into a jar, and have used it 15+ times already, typically on nights when I use neither my AHA, nor my BHA acid from CosRX.

I never use it on a cotton pad; I tried it the first time around, and even though I had no idea what I was supposed to feel, I wasn't feeling it.

I just like to put it directly on my face first, then start lightly massaging it all over:

Until it gets all clumpy:

Not dead skin, people!

When I am done, I wash off the residue with lots of water, and then start ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how it seems like I have applied some real-life Instagram filter over my skin:

Nope, this is not magic. This is the very same forehead, same (crappy) lighting in my bathroom, photos taken no more than five minutes apart.
I'd say it's pretty damn impressive.

True to its name, this product is truly amazing.
For just a tad bit over USD 30.00 in well-known online stores like KoreaDepart or YesStyle, I'll say (and I am cheap) that even the 120 ml full-size bottle is absolutely worth the price.

I know many Asian Beauty fanatics struggle with the problem of having a hard time which product does exactly how much because we tend to layer a gazillion things on our faces. For this reason, I will not be able to tell you if this peeling gel alone has made any real difference in my skin overtime.
However, I can say with absolute certainty that the immediate results alone make it an exceptional product in my jungle of products.

Recommend? Yes, yes, yes! Seriously. You need this at home.

Where to buy? Apart from the online stores mentioned above, where the full-size product is readily available, you can do like I did and snag a ten-piece sample pack on eBay (as always, especially with samples, make sure you know from whom you are buying.)


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