Review: Su:m37 White Award Bubble De-Mask

I randomly bought a ten-piece sample pack of the Su:m37 White Award Bubble De-Mask on Ebay, from one of my go-to sellers when it comes to samples of Korean luxury skincare products. As it was on its way, I ran into Fiddy's blog post about the awful experience she had had with it, so I immediately started questioning what the hell I was doing. Alas, the damage to my credit card had already been done, and when my samples finally arrived, I took a deep breath and hoped for the best.

What this product claims to do:
"Detoxify and kiss your dull skin goodbye with SU:M37’s White Award Bubble De-Mask. Enriched and fortified with premium ingredients of highest quality, this unique mask fully nourishes the skin to restore its healthy state. This mask has a three-in-one function: deep pore cleansing, brightening and skin smoothing. It boosts collagen production to give the skin a much smoother and softer texture. It also evens out skin tone by eliminating darker pigments and producing a much brighter complexion." (source)

On wet face, apply an appropriate amount of the mask and massage thoroughly all over the face until texture gets thick and foamy. Leave the mask for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. (source)

No matter where I look, I don't seem to be able to find the ingredient list, even though at least a couple well-known and ingredient-conscious bloggers have already reviewed this product. In another review, one of the cons mentioned was the lack of a full ingredient list.

When you slap this mask on your face, it goes on smooth, and there's seemingly nothing terribly special about it, if not the fact that it's consistency is maybe a little fluffier than your typical wash-off mask's.

But, after a minute or so, it starts bubbling on your face, until it is covered in a fluffy cloud of Su:m37 goodness. It tickles. I am ticklish. So, I will not say that for me this is necessarily a fun experience. Also, I have already learned not to put it above my upper lip because it will then bubble into my nose which is straight unbearable.

The foam eventually dies down, as each tiny bubble bursts. Once most of it is gone, I massage it lightly into my skin, which is not a very luxurious feeling, either. By this point, the mask becomes sort of gooey. Then I rinse it off (and, learning from Joan's experience, rinse some more) with water, until I feel like there's no trace of it left on my skin.

While this particular masking experience isn't my favorite, the end results definitely are.
Each time I use this mask, my skin emerges brighter, smoother, and happier than it was before, and it makes all the tickling and gooeyness worth it. My pores do look cleaner, my deepening lines less noticeable, and the color of my skin is much more even. The feeling lasts all day, if not into the next.

Recommend? Yes. You might not even mind the tickling, and the end results are definitely worth it even if you do.

Where to buy? The full-size product is available in a lot of online stores, including KoreaDepart ($49.75 plus shipping,) Amazon ($59.90 with free shipping,) or you can grab a special gift set that includes this product as well as deluxe samples of the Micro Clear Toner and the Micro Whipping Deep Cleansing Foam currently for only $35.26 at StyleKorean. Alternatively, you can grab samples on StyleKorean, or eBay.


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