Reviews: Missha 3D Bamboo Mask and O Hui 3D Black Mask

I am not as into sheet masks as most everyone seems to be (and it's not necessarily the sheet masks' fault,) and all I really have left is mediocre/cheaper sheet masks that I am trying to use up. That, plus every now and then, I surprise myself by winning an eBay auction for an expensive mask. Today's reviews are about two sheet masks that use 3D technology to make the material fit better. One is a regular-priced mask, the other is the most expensive one I have used to date. Let's see how they compare, and whether the much heftier price tag is justified.

Missha 3D Bamboo Sheet Mask

About the brand:
"For skincare brand Missha, makeup need not be expensive, and should be seen as an essential instead of an indulgence. Missha offers over 600 products for skincare, body care, makeup, fragrance and hair care. Starting out as a beauty website, Missha has since become a global brand, putting affordable, high-quality products within reach of women everywhere." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
It is a "3D multi-dimension sheet mask" with refreshing bamboo sap whose moisturizing energy penetrates deep inside, helping the skin to be vitalized and moisturized, all year around. (source)

Ingredients and instructions:

As you can see, this mask's star ingredient is bamboo sap water, which - according to FutureDerm - has very limited research behind it as a skincare ingredient, and "as far as anti-aging and potential limitation of melanin production, initial studies are promising, but limited." I am fine with that. The same can be said about snail mucus, and it's been amazing to my skin.

It all probably doesn't even matter that much since not only is it the fourth ingredient on the list (behind every mediocre sheet masks' first three ingredients of water, glycerin, and butylene glycol,) according to the packaging, it takes up no more than a measly 1 percent of the essence. Meh.

And you know what? Even that I would have been fine with. After all, this type of an ingredient list is typical for most mediocre sheet masks I have ever used, yet they have all hydrated and temporarily plumped my skin.

What I was absolutely not fine with, was this atrocity:

What the actual hell is this?

This is possibly the most ill-fitting sheet mask I have ever tried. Ever.

One of the reasons I am not crazy for sheet masks, is that it really annoys me when one doesn't fit perfectly, which they hardly ever do. However, I can usually fix it with a few cuts here and there, and make them sufficient enough where I can stand wearing them for about 20 minutes.

This is what happened when I tried to make this mask fit:

No. Just no, man.

It just fell apart.

It was absolutely impossible for me to keep it on my face for over five minutes because it was just so awful.
Which is a shame, really, because - despite the thoroughly unimpressive ingredient list, - even after such a short time, I could tell that my skin actually liked the essence. So, I patted it in, and tried to forget that this product ever existed.

Recommend? Absolutely not. I cannot imagine any human face this mask would fit.

Where to buy? If you absolutely must, you can grab three for less than USD 6.00 or seven for a little over USD 8.00 (with free international shipping) on eBay, and seven of them currently cost USD 7.87 on BeautyNetKorea. But, really, save yourself the aggravation and don't buy any.

O Hui Snow Vitamin Extreme White 3D Black Mask

About the brand:
"Developed by one of the world’s top research centers, the CHA Stem Cell Institute utilized a proprietary ingredient and designed to actively prevent loss of skin metabolism. The O HUI skincare line is the result of 50 years worth of bioscience knowledge and clinical study. The brand features an array of products designed to protect the health of your skin and nurture it back to its natural glow." (source)

What this product claims to do:
"Three-dimensional black whitening mask that contains Binchotan charcoal, produced only in Kishu, Japan, creating bright and radiant skin. This innovative mask's Binchotan charcoal ingredients purify the skin by removing dead skin, and its skin regenerating ingredients adhere tightly to the face, maximizing the whitening effect." (source)

Ingredients and instructions:
The closest to an incomplete ingredient list I have come is a post on Hope In A Blog, but I cannot confirm it is right. O Hui's website is virtually useless, and - possibly because of its price - it doesn't seem to be a product with a whole lot of fanfare in the English-speaking AB blogosphere. However, if anyone can read and understand Korean, maybe there is more info on the back of the mask's package:

No habla Korean

Which reminds me: can we stop for a moment to admire the packaging?
I had won a single sheet mask on an eBay auction for about USD 2.50-ish (including shipping,) and it came in its own absolutely stunning box. I assume this is something you get as a freebie/sample when you have spend a gazillion dollars at an O Hui counter, but hot damn, it's just so pretty.

Even though I have already used the mask, I am still having a hard time convincing myself I should throw away the box.

The essence smells very flowery, even to me whose sense of smell is pretty busted. I don't really mind, but I can see how others might. However, this is the best-fitting sheet mask I have ever tried in my entire life. Ever.

Ooh, baby!

It really did feel like a second skin. It was perfect. So perfect that I was all sad-like when I realized it was time to take it off, after about 45 minutes. And, I normally cannot wait to take off a sheet mask. 
I didn't have to do anything to it. No little cuts or tears, no constant adjustments (I can't just lie down, so I wear sheet masks while going about my business.) I just put it on, it stayed on... and it was perfect.

Even that flap for the under-ear area some sheet masks have, was perfect

What blew my mind was that even as it was drying out, it didn't start detaching in all kinds of weird places. 
I was wishing I could wear this for hours.

The leftover essence felt thick and oily, but it sunk into my normal skin in about five minutes.
Interestingly, I didn't really see any fantastic brightening effect; what it looked like, once the essence had sunk in, was almost as if I had applied a real-life Instagram filter. My skin was extremely soft - and, if this makes any sense, not only to the touch, but visibly soft. 

I wish I had saved it for a day when I actually leave the house and don't go to bed within an hour, but it just looked so fancy that I wasn't able to resist trying it.

Recommend? Absolutely. That is, if you have a lot of money to spend on your skincare products, or you find some amazing deal somewhere, like I randomly found this eBay auction.

Where to buy? Keep an eye out for auctions on eBay. (Or, better yet, don't. I really want to win the next one, too.) Otherwise, these masks currently sell for about USD 12.00+ for one, USD 29.00+ for three, or USD 55.00+ for six on eBay (shipping included.) The six-sheet pack is also available on YesStyle for USD 63.90, KoreaDepart for USD 63.30, or Amazon for USD 76.00.


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