First Impression: Lirikos Oyster Anti-Darkening Therapy

I like to stay away from sleeping packs because most of them contain some sort of silicones quite high on their ingredients lists, and I have sadly come to learn that 'cones and my pores just don't mix. Since I still have rather large pores, 'cones tend to stick into some, causing some whiteheads. Nothing outrageous, really, and I am not sure it is something I would necessarily as quickly as I do now that I am extra-critical with my skin (which I know is something a lot of you can relate to, after embarking on the AB journey.) When I received a large sample of the Lirikos Oyster Anti-Darkening Therapy, I first didn't even know what it was.

About the brand:
"LIRIKOS relies on the rejuvenating benefits of thalassotherapy, which uses deep seawater and other marine components to restore nutrients to the skin. Developed as a prestigious brand for French women by Korean parent company AMOREPACIFIC Corporation in 1994, LIRIKOS carries an expansive range of skincare and cosmetic products that includes anti-aging, cleansing and hydration solutions." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:


Yup, I couldn't find a full ingredient list in English, so the best I could do was use Chrome translate, which produced some obvious, and some quite interesting results:

The bad news, for me, is that this product does include a few different types of silicones, right in the first 1/5 of the ingredient list, so there's a good chance my pores aren't going to be a fan, in the long run. 
Furthermore, it's a little disappointing to see the star ingredients, like "sea water" and "oyster extract" so low down on the list.
My oldest dog (who's about 16) might need to start using this, though, for the "dog hearing extract," since he is pretty much deaf at this point.

As much as I have grown to dislike 'cones, I decided to give this a try. See, my skin and I absolutely adore the Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream (which I reviewed here,) and that product has Cyclopentasiloxane as the fourth ingredient, too, so maybe sometimes an ingredient list is really just an ingredient list.

I have been using this sleeping pack in lieu of my night cream for a few days. It is a very thick, very rigid cream. Once you apply it on your face, though, it becomes quite oily at first, making it easier to spread, and sinks in rather surprisingly quickly, in about five minutes. The slip is amazing, and it makes application much easier.
I am even wondering if it could be used as a massage pack, given that one uses a larger amount than normal. However, it's juuuuust a little too pricey for that.

I don't think this crappy cell phone photo shows this pack's "rigidity," but you can see how it starts melting as soon as it comes in contact with my fingers (which are always pretty cold.)

It does make my skin very soft, and that softness lasts until the morning. It is very hard for me to judge its moisturizing/hydrating benefits, since - and I know this is a "problem" many of us struggle with - I use several light, hydrating layers, both morning and evening, under my cream, so a finishing product has to be very exceptional to produce very obvious results in this aspect.
I neither can vouch for its "whitening" powers, since AB products have been wonderful at lightening my sun spots and giving me more of an even skin tone in general, so I don't have high expectations in this regard, either.

In the morning, my skin feels very soft, and my face looks well-rested (which the rest of my body never feels like.) 
I haven't noticed any extra whiteheads so far, which is something that typically becomes obvious after two-to-three uses, so I am hoping that it would have already happened, had it been to happen. However, I will keep closely inspecting my jawline, which is the armpit of my face and most prone to clogged pores.

Recommend? All in all, this is a nice product. It grew on me over the past few days, and if you do like using sleeping packs, you might want to give this a try and see how it works for you. However, I believe this might be too much for someone with oily skin; I am not even sure how my normal skin will like it in the warmer months.

Where to buy? There are always some sample packs available on eBay, which I would suggest you first try. If you decide to go all in, the full-size product - which, at 100ml, contains double the amount of your average sleeping pack - isn't terribly pricey, either: it is USD 46.90 on YesStyle, USD 30.37 on KoreaDepart, and USD 34.47 on TesterKorea.


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