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Around Christmas last year, StyleKorean offered a few amazing deals some of which were impossible to resist, so I placed my first order with them. Now, I am not a wealthy person in any sense of the word. I very rarely haul cosmetics; I will typically wait patiently until I finally win a product I really want at a great price on an eBay auction. However, in January, I was still in a post-Christmas mood, plus I found a deal that I would have been absolutely foolish to let pass. I am actually convinced that it was an incorrect listing which would have made many other online stores simply nix my order. But, I got lucky...

Just like the previous couple of times I had ordered from StyleKorean, my package shipped and arrived quickly, and it was very carefully packaged so as to protect all my goodies.
The individual products were each double bubble-wrapped, the box in perfect shape, and - just like before - they put a lower amount on the customs form so that I wouldn't have to pay customs fees.


  • Order placed: January 8, 2016
  • Order shipped: January 11, 2016
  • Tracking number active: January 12, 2016
  • Package delivered: January 22, 2016 (in Europe)

What I ordered

1. Ryo Hambito Treatment 180ml x2 - USD 3.51 each - USD 7.02 total - MSRP USD 7.48
I have been in love with my Ryo shampoo and treatment that I had received in my previous StyleKorean package, and since I am using the treatment at a faster rate than the shampoo, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't run out. Like, ever. This is seriously great stuff, guys.

2. CosRx Acne Pimple Master 24 patches x2 - USD 2.55 each - USD 5.10 total - MSRP 3.93
I have been loving the Uniderm Hydrocolloid Patches, but since these were on sale, and one can never have enough hydrocolloid patches, and I am CosRx groupie, I quickly grabbed two. Now, I must say that as unknown as the Uniderm product is, and as much as everyone seems to love this CosRx one, I actually prefer the former. The Uniderm paches stay on better, and they're less obvious, so I can wear them during the day when I need to. I will use up the CosRx ones, and they're not bad, but they just aren't as good.

3. Su:m37 Waterfull Timeless Gel Essence 50ml x2 - USD 7.33 each (!!!) - USD 14.66 total - MSRP USD 74.77 (!!!)
Yup, this is the reason for this order, and this is the one deal that I know everyone will agree I would have been crazy to not jump on. I randomly opened the Clearance link on StyleKorean, and this was the first product listed. I couldn't believe my eyes - it was 90% off! I immediately started putting together an order, and texted my father's wife so that she wouldn't miss out on it, either. Other than the fact that I'll buy pretty much anything from Su:m37 at 90% off (and Sulwhasoo, and the History of Whoo, too,) I had actually been using this essence (lots of samples, decanted into an airless pump bottle) for at least a month, if not more, by then. While I am not perfectly sure how much it adds to my routine (and now I won't know for a while since I have been using 30ml of samples for well over two months now, and now I have two 50ml bottles, so I guess I will never run out,) it feels great. It's very lightweight, it smells all kinds of hanbang-y (which immediately makes me believe it works,) and it feels like injecting water straight into my skin.

I will never know for sure if it was, indeed, a mistake in the listing; all I know is that less than two hours after I had spotted it, it was marked "sold out." So, either everyone else jumped on it, or they realized what they had done. I really do believe it's the latter that happened. And, if I am right, I am exceptionally impressed that they wouldn't cancel my order.

I haven't really see any outstanding deals on StyleKorean over the past few weeks - they do offer deals constantly (plus, you get points - dollars - for each review you write and after each product you purchase, as well as regular coupons for between 5% to 15% off, depending on how much you spend,) but there's been nothing that made me hyperventilate quite like this one.

I think I will keep playing my waiting game. I know it will happen again, someday...


  1. you are verrry lucky !!
    i enjoyed reading your review
    keep going xo xo .

    1. I did feel like I had won the lotto! :D Thank you for reading! <3



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