Review: The Face Shop Milk Calcium Nail Pack

I am not a nail person. I don't have fake nails, I do my own manicure, I hardly ever use color nail polish, I have a thing about how hand creams tend to feel on my skin (a thing where it really annoys me, and I need to wash it off,) and while my nails can grow pretty long, I hate how that messes with my typing skills, so I prefer to keep them short. I would like my hands and nails to look nicer, though, so I was excited when I received a three-pack of The Face Shop Milk Calcium Nail Pack (which I had won on an eBay auction) and quickly gave it a try.

About the brand:
The Face Shop (더페이스샵) is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. It is a subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care of LG Corporation. Its products include body, bath, skin care and make-up aimed at both women and men. (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
Treat your fragile nails with this milk calcium nail pack. Dry, rough nails are moisturized and strengthened! (source)

Instructions and ingredients:
After washing hands, remove the product from the dual pouch. Put your left thumb into the large opening and the rest of your fingers into the four smaller ones. Repeat for the right hand. After 10 minutes, remove the sheet and gently massage your nails to enhance absorption of any residue. (source)

This product is like a sheet mask (or ten tiny sheet masks, to be precise) for nails. You get one "mask" for each nail/finger, each is soaked in a slightly milky and classical body lotion-smelling essence, you pull one onto each finger, and then you wait.

Now, I have had a couple issues figuring this out.
First, I wasn't paying attention to the fact that each little cap (I'll call these "caps") was of a slightly different size, and ended up with the one for the thumb, on my pinky, so I had to do some rearranging.
Second, either side of each cap is of a different texture. One (that you will see in the photo below) is rougher, the other, soft and somewhat "padded."

I started with the rough side on top (it is also longer than the soft side,) then decided to turn the caps around at around the ten-minute mark. Having tried both, I am still unsure which way is supposed to be up, and the directions are of no help.

The 15-minute wait time is acceptable, even for someone as impatient - with slight attention span issues - as I; just make sure you're ready to really not do anything for 15 minutes. No phone calls, no trying to grab a glass of water, no having to use the bathroom. Needless to say, I did receive a call in the middle of my mini mani session. These babies do not work with touch phones. I tried...

The "after experience" is very sheet mask-y, too.
You have some leftover essence that you need to - in this case - rub in.
Like with most sheet masks, it feels slightly tacky at first, but I am happy to report that the essence does soak in beautifully in about five minutes.

The results are sheet mask-esque, too. The surface of the nails and the surrounding skin receives an instant burst of hydration and is smoothed. It's pretty.
Unfortunately, just like with sheet masks, the results are only temporary. And, just like with sheet masks, unless you use it on a daily, or almost-daily basis - in which case it becomes a pretty damn pricy hobby, - said results will not stick around.

Recommend? It's a fun product to try, even though I can see why the mass appeal is probably not there. Other than the temporary results, it is only for people who don't have fake nails, and really only obvious on those nails that are naked. However, it's an affordable treatment on days when you just want your natural nails to look nice.

Where to buy? It is available for USD 13.25 for five (with free shipping) on eBay, or USD 1.26 for two (plus shipping) on TesterKorea.


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