Reviews: Etude House I Need You, Acai Berry! and Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Nature Sheet Masks

I am still in the process of using up all the cheaper sheet masks I still have at home, and last week, I tried the Etude House I Need You, Acai Berry! and the Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Nature ones. While neither has changed my life and certainly hasn't made me start fangirling like the O Hui black mask did (why does it have to be so damn expensive? Why?!), one was better than the other. Read on to find out which one!

Etude House I Need You, Acai Berry! Mask

About the brand:
"Etude House (에뛰드하우스) is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by Amore Pacific. The brand name 'Etude' comes from Frederic Chopin's studies of the piano. The company was established in 1966, and the corporate name was changed to Oscar Corporation in 1985. In 1990, it was incorporated by Amore Pacific Group. The name was changed to Etude Corporation in 1997. Etude House Seoul was launched in 2005. It opened its 100th brand store in 2007 and its 200th in 2009." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
This mask sheet contains superfood Acai Berry extract (Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract), essential fatty acids and various vitamins, providing antioxidants to deliver young and healthy skin. (source)

Directions and ingredients:

Even though this certainly isn't a grapefruit mask, I was happy to see its extract in the first four ingredients on the list, but I was a little disappointed to see how much higher alcohol is than the star ingredient. I am not one who is either allergic to, or scared of alcohol, for I realize that its job in products like these - given the right amount in the right formulation - is helping 'em useful ingredients sink in. However, having gone through most of my life - pre-AB, that is - trying to fix my extremely oily skin by using harsh Western products with a high content of alcohol, and then realizing how poorly I had been treating my poor skin, emotionally, I'd rather stay away if I can.

I also have to add that as big a fan as I am of cute packaging, and as much as I like some Etude House makeup, their skincare products haven't exactly left a lasting impression on me so far. 
Therefore, I didn't have high expectations for this mask, which is probably a stance I should take with everything else in my life because being positively surprised is always a nice experience.

And, positively surprised is what I was with this mask. There is quite a lot of essence left in the pouch, despite the facts that 1. it only contains 20 ml, and 2. the sheet, once removed, is beautifully dripping. Speaking of the sheet itself, to me, it is surprisingly nice for such a cheap mask; it's thin and adheres to the skin wonderfully, and it's stretchy enough where I can nicely adjust it to fit my face. Except for the eyes, of course. With the vast majority of sheet masks, I have to make a lateral cut between the eyes, but that's OK; it's very easy to do, and it makes most masks fit much nicer.

I could wear this mask for over a half an hour - which is a good amount of time for me, since I usually end up looking for excuses to remove sheet masks, - and it left my skin very smooth, very peaceful, and very rested. The leftover essence sunk in nicely, and didn't leave behind any yucky layer. 

Recommend? Yes. For those on a tight budget, or those who sheet mask pretty much daily, which means that it can become very expensive a hobby very fast, this mask is the right choice. The result is nice - albeit, as is the case with all sheet masks, temporary, - and it's a rather enjoyable product to wear.

Where to buy? This one - as well as the other gazillion flavors in this line - is available on the Etude house website for only USD 0.82 currently. You can buy 20 randomly selected flavors on Amazon for USD 18.50, or three for USD 3.95 with free shipping on eBay.

Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Nature Sheet Mask

About the brand: I believe Mirum is a line by a company called Sooin Cosmetic Co., Ltd. but their website refuses to open, unfortunately, and their Facebook page is rather empty. 

What this product claims to achieve:


Everything on the packaging is in Korean

As it is often the case with sheet masks, the star ingredient is, unfortunately, nowhere near the top of the ingredient list. It's something we all need to learn to live with. 
What was an actual disappointment when I open the pouch, though, is that this sheet was not drenched in essence at all. What's strange is that there was practically no essence left in the pouch, either, so I have no idea where 21ml of stuff has gone. 

So, the sheet was rather dry-ish, and while it was a surprisingly good fit (where I didn't even have to make that lateral cut between my eyes,) the material was nothing to write home about. It was thin, which is like, but it was still rather rough. 

After about a quarter of an hour, I felt the sheet starting to dry out, so I removed it and patted in the leftover essence.
As for the performance, I regret to say this was only a mediocre mask for me, and while it did temporarily plump my skin, I do not feel that it did much of anything that would make me want to use it again. It was fine, but compared to the above Etude House mask, which is also a cheap one, this is certainly inferior.

Recommend? Not really. There are some mediocre/cheap sheet masks out there that perform better.

Where to buy? It's available on Skin18 for USD 0.95 each, and on eBay for USD 17.08 for ten, with free shipping.


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