Haul & Store Review: HKC Plaza January 2016

Yes, it's been a while since I placed, had a few headaches over, then received this haul, and it's taken me a while to write about it simply because I don't enjoy writing about aggravating experiences; and, also because all is good if the end is good, and that of my HKC Plaza experience was, so I had been putting off reliving the aggravating part. But, here I am, and here's the story of my HKC Plaza haul from January...

I placed my order when HKC Plaza had a 1+1 promo on several Lee JiHam products. I had also found a 10% off coupon, which could be applied to my order.
Thankfully, I had read a blog entry earlier (my apologies for not remembering where exactly) about their non-existent costumer support as well as their awful online system, so I wasn't as freaked out as I would have been, otherwise.

Before I get into why I would have had reason to freak out, let me point out an absolute positive, other than the great deal: as you can tell, they do mark their products down on the customs declaration form, so they saved me the customs fees.
That's certainly remarkable.

What's not quite as remarkable is their packaging.
My products were tossed into a regular envelope (as in not-bubble-envelope,) and had a single layer of bubble wrapping around them. It is obviously the cheapest packaging option one could come up with.

The timeline

  • Order placed and paid in full via PayPal: 12/31/15 (Happy New Year to me!)
  • Order received (?!): 1/7/16
  • Order shipped: 1/7/16
  • Tracking number active: 1/11/16
  • Order received: 1/20/16

As you can see, we have a few issues here; actually, more than what's obvious from the timeline above.

First of all, other than the PayPal receipt, there was absolutely no sign of my order for exactly a week. I never received an order confirmation email from HKC Plaza, my Order History on their website claimed I'd never placed an order, and I never received a response to my email - sent to them via their website four days after I'd paid for my stuff - in which I was inquiring about whether everything was OK.
I believe that since no human being touched my order between 12/31/15 and 1/7/16, their system system simply didn't acknowledge it, which means it's a really, really stupid system, and reminiscent of one from maybe 1998.

Now, you might think that it all happened because I placed my order on New Year's Eve, but it seems like the blogger whose post I mentioned earlier, had had the same experience at a completely different time of the year.

What I ordered and how much I paid:

Well, this is obviously the good part. For a product that retails for USD 30.00+ pretty much everywhere, it's a pretty damn great deal that it cost me USD 27.00 for two (or USD 13.50 each.)

I also received three sample packs each of three different LJH products. I have to say that their sample game is good; and, not only because it's a nice amount of samples and it's nice to have several of each, so that I will be able to test them for a few days (in fact, I am done using the Probiotics Sleeping Cream, and despite my aggravation with their costumer service, I might return to them to grab a tub or two if they have another awesome sale,) but also because they sent me LJH samples, and not some random stuff I might not even be interested in.
At least there was one thing they paid attention to.

Recommend? Definitely not if you 1. are a fan of good customer service, 2. like to see some sort of proof (other than a PayPal receipt) that you placed and paid in full for an order, or 3. like to receive your stuff quickly. However, they do seem to run some serious specials every now and then, and while I am not at all interested in the vast majority of products they sell, I might convince myself that another great LJH deal might be worth the aggravation their stupid online system and non-existent costumer service are.


  1. Hey, thanks for the tip. Their LJH products are indeed super cheap. I just placed an order... hope it won't be take too long to get to me

    1. Good luck! If LJH products work for you, waiting for these deals at HKC Plaza are definitely the most affordable option. They have them several times a year, for weeks, so it's not even like you have to wait for a new one forever. :)



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