Review: L'Affair Pearl Mask

Continuing with the theme of using up all my random, cheap sheet masks, next on the list - I have put them in order of expiration date, no real scientific reasoning has been put into deciding which one I use when - was the L'Affair Pearl Mask by Rainbow Beauty. While I have doubts that pearl powder can do anything for one's skin, I wasn't going to let this one just sit around until it went bad.

About the brand:
"As well as meeting current consumer aspirations, Rainbowbeauty Co., Ltd anticipates their future expectations, being, as always, determined to promote an approach to beauty that is fun, affordable, fulfilling, genuine and generous." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
Containing pearl extract rich in essential amino acids and minerals, this cosmetic mask pack makes your skin brighter and whitening, also it contains natural vegetable ingredients which always help keep your skin smooth and refreshed. (...) It can adjust your pH levels and balance it up.  An imbalanced pH level in skin can lead to problems such as wrinkles, inflammation, extreme sensitivity, or acne.  Using this effective moisturizing mask helps rebuild this important barrier during the mask process. (source)

Instructions and ingredients:
After washing and cleaning your face thoroughly, open the pouch and remove one sheet. Spread the mask sheet evenly on your face and make it stick to your face. Relax for 10-20 minutes until the enriched ingredients are thoroughly absorbed into your skin remove the sheet. Softly massage your face to make sure the remaining excel substances are completely absorbed into the skin. (source)

Please excuse the poor photo quality

I was happy to see niacinamide - otherwise known as vitamin B3 - as the fourth ingredient on the list; it makes me believe that there's more than 1 percent of this anti-aging and barrier-building ingredient in the essence.

Out of the pouch, I was surprised by how thick the essence was; the sheet was fully saturated, to the point where there was no essence left behind, and it made it tricky to unwrap the sheet. Once I did, though, and I put it on my face, I was positively shocked about how well made it was.

The sheet material is thick, but very stretchy and perfectly soft, so it was very, very easy to not only fit it to my face, but also to go about my business without having to worry about it sliding around and starting to come off in all kinds of extremely annoying ways.
My biggest hurdle with sheet masks is that they very rarely fit perfectly, and it tends to trigger my slight OCD, and - quite simply put - drive me so mad that I have no other choice but to remove them before their time is up.
That wasn't the case with this mask, and that's possibly the biggest - and least often experienced - pro I can ever say about any mask.

As you can see, I did have to make a lateral cut by the bridge of my nose, but I am used to that, and it makes masks a lot more comfortable to wear for me. Other than that, you can also tell that it adhered beautifully to my skin, and it stayed that way for the half an hour I was wearing it. (Side note: I know many like to wear their masks for much longer than that. To me, about 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time. Longer than that, and I have a hard time not starting to fidget around with the sheet.)

As for the results, they were typical of average sheet masks. My skin was plumped, soft, and generally well-rested. The leftover essence was slightly tacky at first, but did sink into my skin after some patting and about five minutes. As usual, I had applied all my serums, essences and lotion underneath, so there was quite some sinking in to be done.
I could wear this mask - followed by my hydrating cream - in the morning without feeling like my skin was suffocating underneath too much essence, afterward.

Recommend? Surprisingly, yes. While the result is what you would expect of an average sheet mask, so they will not be life-altering, but the sheet is shockingly comfortable to wear, and provides a much more pampering experience than what I'd expect of a mediocre sheet mask.

Where to buy? Instead of listing several options, let me just stick with one, this time: - which is where I got it over a half a year ago - is selling these masks for USD 1.10 each, and they always offer great deals and lots of freebies, so I doubt you'll be able to find a better deal elsewhere.


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