Review: Nature Republic Shea Butter Foot Mask

Winter was almost over, and I had been looking for ways to improve my neglected, kind of dry feet, so that they could be nice for flip-flop season. I do my own mani-pedi, and I had been on the hunt for practically anything that would make it easier for me to maintain healthy skin on my feet. When I saw the Nature Republic Shea Butter Foot Mask on sale for less than a couple of dollars on StyleKorean, while I was busy packing things into my cart in a way that would give me the biggest bang for my shipping fee buck, I quickly grabbed a pair of these little booties.

About the brand:
"Nature Republic (네이처리퍼블릭) is a South Korean cosmetics brand. Created in March 2009, Nature Republic is a cosmetics brand that utilizes natural ingredients for their products. The brand's philosophy is 'A Sense of the Beginning'. In August 2013, it was announced that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO signed a two-year endorsement deal with Nature Republic." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
"You can wear this foot mask as your everyday socks. This moisture foot mask 'hugs' every inch of your feet and with its coated fabric you can wear it while working and studying. With its rich ingredients of Shea butter, lavender, honey, milk and almond, it leaves your dry and rough feet hydrated and silky." (source)

Instructions and ingredients:

First, I would argue with the claim that you can wear these foot masks like socks.
Unless you're Big Foot, you can't. They're big; granted, I have tiny feet, but trust me, they're big.
There's also nothing with which to secure them around your ankles, so they will fall off.
Actually, you might fall first, since the serum inside these packs - whose material is slightly similar to that of plastic bags - is slippery, and if you want to walk around wearing these, you'll soon find yourself ice skating around the house with no ice.
Unless, of course, you have ice in your house. Which I really don't think you should.

However, you can pull your socks over the booties, which will secure them, allow you to walk around, and will give you fat ankles, so don't do it on a first date. Unless your date is into fat ankles.

Now, wearing them under my socks was actually so comfortable that I absolutely left them on for longer than recommended, thinking that I was doing a good thing, but really, I wasn't. My poor feet looked like they do when I take a bath that's just ten minutes too long, from being forced to soak in a watery essence for well over a half an hour.
However, that was my fault.

Sorry, I have made this photo as small as I could; I know a lot of people hate photos of feet

The immediate result wasn't mind-blowing. Sure, my feet were better hydrated and softer than before, but not in a way that would make me quickly order ten more of these packs and declare my undying love for the product.
However, now that a few weeks have passed, I have to say that I have been impressed with how my feet have looked and felt. I haven't paid much attention to them, other than a slight pumice stone scrub on the heels and big toes twice a week, while sitting in the bath tub, but I have noticed that they hadn't felt this soft in a long, long time. And, they're continuously soft, despite the fact that I don't use creams on them. (I hate the feeling of cream on the soles of my feet. That's my personal Guantanamo.)
And, that's pretty impressive from an inexpensive product you only use once.

If only sheet masks could work the same way...

Recommend? Totally. This product is available at a lot of online retailers, it is inexpensive, and it's long-term hydrating powers are pretty damn impressive.

Where to buy? A pair currently costs USD 2.61 on TesterKorea, USD 2.08 on StyleKorean, and USD 6.78+ on eBay (with free shipping.) Alternatively, there's a pretty good deal on Amazon where you can buy five pairs for USD 16.88 with free shipping.


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