Review: Beyond Herb Garden Lotus Mask

I randomly bid on this lone sheet mask on eBay, mostly because of the packaging. I hadn't used anything from the brand Beyond before, although I have been reading about their products. However, that packaging! It alone could probably make me put almost anything on my face. Luckily for me, it wasn't anything freaky in there; only the Beyond Herb Garden Lotus Mask...

About the brand:
"Beyond believes that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisdom of beauty lies in nature. With this belief, we respect 'Eco Values' throughout the entire process of everything we do from ingredients, production, distribution and disposal. Our research into Eco Values, which we consider part of our know-how, enhances the value of true beauty." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
Lotus herbs gently provide moisture deep inside sensitive skin and help keep skin clear and moisturized. (source)

Directions and ingredients:

Before I tell you about my experience with this mask, can we just take a moment to admire the packaging? I know that a lot of Korean (and especially Taiwanese) sheet masks have to-die-for packaging, but I think Beyond takes it to a whole new level. If I were artsy-craftsy (which I am not,) I am pretty damn sure I would throw together an adorable picture frame and turn the front of this pouch into a piece of art. I mean, LOOK AT IT!

Mask sheet packaging porn aside... This is a very, very thin mask, which I really like because it's more likely that it will act as a "second skin" and adhere very well to the face; however, you also need to be careful when unfolding it and then adjusting it on your face, for it can tear easily. Mine didn't, and even the fit was pretty good. I didn't have to grab my Sheet Mask Cutting Scissors, and there were several large cuts along the edge of the sheet, which made adjusting it very easy.
The essence was sort of between your regular, watery sheet mask essence and the more gel-like kind. The sheet was soaked, and I could easily leave the mask on my face for over an hour without it drying out or moving all over the place, requiring constant adjustments.

Once I removed the mask, my skin was very smooth, plump, and looked healthy. There was more leftover essence in some parts of my face than others, and it was a little tacky until it fully absorbed. I think this mask is best used at night (which is what I did,) since the essence might too much for some. (Granted, I always layer my first essence, a hydrating toner, and at least a couple different serums/ampoules as well my Mamonde Camellia Oil under sheet masks, so there is always a lot of product my skin needs to drink up.)

I followed it with my CosRx snail essence and Berrisom collagen cream for the night, and woke up to exceptionally smooth skin. This might not be a life-changing product (unless you can afford to use it every night, in which case it might even be life-changing, but I'll never know,) however, it is a very nice sheet mask that I will remember for more reasons than one (OK, one being the packaging,) which is saying a lot since I forget most sheet masks as soon as I remove them from my face.

Recommend? Yes. If only for the packaging, you know. No, seriously. This was a very nice mask to use, and I did like the end result. I love how thin the sheet is, and how well it clung to my skin. It is also a wonderful choice for those looking for paraben- and/or cruelty-free products.

Where to buy? eBay

This is gorgeous!


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