Review: Mediheal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Mask

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Hope you are staying away from ladders and are adopting a black cat today!
I write about very few sheet masks I use because most of them seem very similar, to me. This one, the Mogongtox Soda Bubble Mask by Mediheal is definitely different than your regular sheet mask, in more ways than one, so I thought it deserved its own blog entry.

About the brand:
"[Mediheal's] products are developed by a dedicated skin experts and dermatologists who understand and know our skin best. The brand offers a wide range of innovative and effective sheet masks and skincare products that cater to all skin needs. Mediheal promotes the idea of a home-use concept, where you can have beautiful skin without the need of surgery treatment. (...) Mediheal are at the forefront of the industry and have already sold over 10 million pieces of sheet masks." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
This unique bubble mask sheet specializes in deeply cleansing the pores, making them appear tighter and leave the skin brighter. With a rich formulation of herbal extracts and carbonated water, this mask foams up by itself to create microbubbles that will help treat your pores efficiently. This bubbling action also serves as a mild facial massage to soften up accumulated dirt in order for it to be easily washed away. It also offers a gentle peeling technology that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal brighter and clearer skin immediately after use. (source)

Instructions and ingredients:
After cleansing and toning your face, make sure that your skin is dry and free from oil. Carefully place the mask onto your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Massage your face with the remaining bubbles and wash off with lukewarm water. (source)

Let's see how this mask differs from your run-of-the-mill masks.
First, it's a charcoal mask. Now, granted, black masks aren't hard to find, however, they are certainly less common than white sheets. In my experience, the average black mask seems to adhere to the skin better than the average white mask.

Second, this mask is missing the forehead part. I am not perfectly clear on why; see, this is a deep cleansing mask, and the majority of people with oil/pore issues seem to have problems in the T-zone, that is, the forehead and the nose/chin. Thanks to AB, I no longer suffer from oiliness or break-outs; but, I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of my clog-prone-ness, mainly on my jawline, so this actually made perfect sense to me.

Third, unlike you would do with your regular sheet mask, where you pat in the remaining essence, then move on with your routine, you are actually required to wash it off once you're done.

Last, the essence in this mask is supposed to bubble up, once it's on your face, something we have seen with a few wash-off packs (like a favorite of mine, the Su:m37 White Award Bubble De-Mask, which I reviewed here.) This is supposed to help physically clean pores.

Now, let's see how it performed for me.

Let me start of with a list of the cons here.
One, it didn't bubble up on my face like it does in photos or videos I have seen. I have checked: my batch (I bought three from a well-known K-beauty store online) doesn't expire for another year, so it's not that it has gone bad.
The most I got out of it, bubble-wise, is what you see in the photo above. These also weren't fuzzy bubbles (bubbles that tickle your skin, like the bubbles in the Su:m37 mask.) What I got was similar to regular soap bubbles. In fact, the essence smelled a little like dish soap, to me.
(Side note: I am pretty damn sure I put it on the right way. Looking at videos on YouTube, I am wondering if it was inside out?)

The part of the mask that got a little too close to the corner of my right eye, really, really stung the skin. I had to readjust it, and I was even tempted to just take the whole thing off because the stinging was that uncomfortable. It actually made that tiny part of my skin red, and I slathered a whole lot of my Mamonde Camellia Oil over it for the night, to make sure I was not going to wake up to something unsightly.
My skin is extremely resilient, and it barely ever reacts to anything this harshly and immediately.

When I removed the mask, around the 15 minute mark, my skin did look more unified in color, and my pores appeared smaller.
However, I kinda felt like I had been wearing one of those drying clay masks that do leave your skin with matte and poreless, but also really dehydrated.
I am really not into those anymore, thank you very much...

I had just had two random, but very obvious CC's show up, for no apparent reason, when I used this mask, and I was quite surprised to wake up the next morning and find that one of them had pretty much disappeared, and the other (which was originally larger) was much smaller than the night before.

I think I will keep this mask for bad CC days, or for my skin's monthly acting up, but I doubt I will repurchase them. I feel there are more pleasant, and less aggressive treatments available for those days.

Recommend? I do only if you have oilier skin and don't mind a drying mask, and if you don't put it near your eye area like I did. This mask did help with my two new CC's, so I'll say it did what it claimed to do; it's just not necessarily the best match for my skin, in general.

Where to buy? KoreaDepartSasaeBay


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