Haul: HKC Plaza June 2016

After my first, pretty aggravating experience with HKC Plaza (store review here) I figured I was moving on from them forever. They sent me emails about random sales they had, but none was something I was overwhelmingly excited about - certainly not enough where I thought they would be worth the aggravation again. However, their latest sale was the bomb, again. See, the thing is, when they have a serious sale, it's pretty much unbeatable. Or just unbeatable, period. So, I found myself placing an order again. I am a lost cause. I have sold my soul to the K-beauty devil. Obviously.

HKCPlaza.com is a Singapore-based online store that sells some of the more obscure Korean brands (as well as Paris Hilton Nail Color, which I find utterly random.) Their regular prices are what you find everywhere else, but their sales are unbelievably good, especially because they offer free international shipping (with tracking number) on orders over $25. They also mark down the total on the customs form, so you won't end up with some ridiculous extra charges.

Just like the first time I ordered from them, the packaging was nothing to write home about this time, either. The extremely well bubble-wrapped products (almost too well; I was like a slightly challenged kid on Christmas morning trying to cut through layers and layers of bubble wrap and packing tape without hurting the products) were covered by a single layer of their plastic shopping bag, and that was that.

Timeline of events:

  • I placed my order and paid in full via PayPal on May 27, 2016. Unlike the previous time, now I did receive an automated conformation email, and my order did show up in my Order History on my HKCPlaza account. You'd think that's a given but last time, neither of those things happened.
  • Nothing happened until June 3, 2016 when I sent them an email inquiring if something was wrong and whether they needed anything else from me. Just like last time, they never responded. However, only a few hours later, I received another automated email informing me that my order had shipped, and providing me with a tracking number.
  • Just like that time, the tracking number wasn't active until June 6, 2016.
  • My mailman handed me over my package earlier today, June 14, 2016. (I am in Europe.)

Altogether, it took my order less than three weeks to arrive, from the time I paid for it, which is completely normal. It still feels a bit like it's pulling teeth with them.

List of products I ordered with their sale prices:

The total, at their regular prices, would have been $93. The Velieve clay mask is listed at $24, and the Proud Mary ampoule at $25, which I am not perfectly sure they are not slightly - or more than slightly - exaggerated (I can't really find either product anywhere else,) but I know that the coconut gel and the LJH essence (listed at $11 and $33, respectively) are priced realistically.
Honestly, I got a great deal on my order, either way.

Their sample game is pretty tight. Just like last time, they sent three samples each of three different products, so that I will have more than a use or two's worth of each. They're also products I don't see anywhere else (and haven't had the chance to sample before,) so unlike with most samples I receive these days, I will actually keep and try these.

Excuse the piss poor quality of some of these photos. I have no idea what I did.

Lee Ji Ham (LJH) Tea Tree 90 Essence
I told myself time and time again that I wouldn't jump on the hype train and buy this because 1. a lot of people have, and it really doesn't seem to do that much for many of them as the hype would suggest, and 2. I've been using the LJH propolis ampoule for at least a couple months - if not more, I should check - now, and I'm pretty sure it's doing exactly nada for me.

But... well... summer is here, and it should get really hot and humid any day now, so I thought it could be a nice summer essence for me. Also, I have sold my soul to the K-beauty devil.

Proud Mary Vita C 45% Ampoule
I know nothing about the brand Proud Mary. It's very hard for me to believe that this product contains 45% of the same vitamin C that Wishtrend's C21.5, an apparently very potent VitC product, contains 21.5% of. If it did, it would probably be some sort of sorcery, and it would possibly make vitamin C trees grow on my face. But, eh... I had been looking to incorporate VitC into my skincare, but I was looking for a product that's stable, potent, and affordable, which none of the highly praised ones seemed to be all of those. What if this ampoule is simply a well-kept secret? Yes?

Something that happened between ordering this product and today, is that I finally found someone on r/asianbeauty who had started using the Melano CC essence all over her face, instead of as a spot treatment (which it apparently is,) simply because she bought it when in Japan and she doesn't speak Japanese. Which could have turned into a complete clusterf*ck for her (it didn't,) but it made me very, very happy because I had been obsessively asking everyone I saw use it as a spot treatment whether they knew what it would do if used on the entire face. By numerous accounts, it sounds like it does an exceptional job at lightening hyperpigmentation and generally keeping the skin very clear and even, so I kept thinking, "What if it is the stable, potent, and affordable Vitamin C product I have been looking for?" Well, it should be here any day now, so I can see it for myself. If it does work, I am not perfectly sure how much use I will have for the Proud Mary ampoule. We'll see...

Secret A I Am Coconut Soothing Gel
I don't know much about the brand Secret A, either, but this is a product that contains 95% coconut extract, and the 245ml bottle is shaped like an actual coconut, and I am positively obsessed with everything coconut, so this was a no-brainer. I haven't opened it yet, but it better smell like pure coconut! I don't really care how well it performs as long as it smells like coconut.

Velieve White Clay Masque
The only product I have ever used by Velieve, was a painfully average sheet mask with honey. It wasn't bad, it was just completely forgettable. When I saw their white clay mask on sale, I grabbed it because 1. I have read somewhere that white clay ishould be less drying than "gray clay," and 2. my Innisfree clay mask was on its last legs (I could have gotten more uses out of it, but unfortunately, it had dried out too much,) so I needed a new clay mask.

What happened in the meantime is that 1. I won a clay mask in the most awesome UnboxingBeauty giveaway (unboxing here,) and 2. I ended up grabbing a tub of the Mamonde lotus mud mask, so the Velieve one will have to wait. Not that I wouldn't be able to use three different clay masks for months, but once you open a tub, the drying out starts... Thankfully, just like all the other products in this order, this one is very fresh, too, so I'll be fine even if I don't open it for another year.

Recommend? While this second shopping experience was only a little smoother than the first one, I'd suggest that you sign up to HKCPlaza.com's newsletter, and place an order if/when you see an offer you can't resist. Just be prepared that their customer service is nonexistent. That said, I didn't have real issues with either order; I received everything I had ordered, the prices (and free international shipping with tracking number on orders over $25) are great, and they sell some stuff that would be very hard to get, internationally.


  1. Anonymous6/25/2016

    hehe you did again! see it's not that bad anymore. hope you'll have good results with the products you've purchased :)



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