Review: A'Pieu Bebe Lips Matt MRD02

Since the entire world seems to be into matte lipsticks these days, and I always thought matte lipsticks looked better on me than any other types, I have decided to temporarily put my general distaste for lipstick on a hiatus, and grab the A'Pieu Bebe Lips Matt in color MRD02 from one of RoseRoseShop's eBay stores because it was matte, cheap, and I had found a color I thought I liked.

About the brand:
The name "A'Pieu" apparently comes from the French word which means "basic" - which means something a lot more pejorative for Western younginz these days than what it when the brand was conceived. It is a very affordable, simple (yes, "basic") brand aimed at young women in their 20s.

What this product claims to achieve:
"WOW! Pocket size and cute design: Easy to carry. Vivid color. Lovely sweet and sour scent. Containing Rosin and Carnauba wax: Long Lasting. Containing Argan Oil and Shea Butter: Moisturizing. Containing Apple, strawberry and lemon extracts: Natural color, moisturizing." (source)

This little lipstick didn't come in a little box, and - as you can tell - there's very limited information on the packaging; furthermore, I haven't been able to find a full ingredient list online. Quite honestly, it's a popular, inexpensive lipstick, so I wouldn't expect anything in there to either wow or terrify me. At least, I am hoping nothing would terrify me if I knew...

As for the "star ingredients," both Argan oil and Shea butter are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties, and both are favorite ingredients in DIY chapsticks. Rosin is a film-forming agent that might be sensitizing, Carnauba wax is a thickener that comes from the leaves of a palm tree in Brazil. KoreaDepart lists a lot of fruit extracts that are supposed to be found in this small lipstick, and while the list is impressive, I am having a hard time imagining that any of those would be present in a concentration where they can, individually, make a difference.

The packaging is cute. It's mall, you can carry it in your purse or attach it to the side of your shirt pocket (yeah, I have no idea how to properly say anything fashion-related) like a pen; the cap seems attach in a sturdy enough way where you won't have to worry about being left with, well, just a cap.

The color, though... It's time for a confession, I think: I just don't like the majority of Korean lipstain/lipstick/lipyounameit colors. I feel that most of them are too vivid, and I feel like I am looking at someone else's face when I wear one and look in the mirror.

Now, that's not the fault of Korean lip products. I don't think it's my fault, either. However, I have had to come to the conclusion that as much as I adore Korean skincare products, a lot of the makeup is a hit-or-miss, for me. It could easily be the color of my skin, or it could easily be the fact that for the first almost-40 years of my life, I hadn't used vivid colors on my face. I had left it for clowns, and deep inside, I am quite sure I believe that's whom they're for.

Now, of course, this will not be helpful to you; whether someone likes the shade of a makeup product or not is the true definition of YMMV in skincare.
So, as far as the quality of this A'Pieu product: I think it is what you would expect of one that advertises itself as "basic care" for young adults. Despite the claims, it's neither moisturizing, nor long-lasting. The positive is that it's very easy to apply, and since it's also easy to carry around with you, you can keep re-applying and perfecting it all you want, all day long. There isn't a whole lot of product in there, so you will probably run out rather quickly; however, it's inexpensive.

Recommend? It's a fine inexpensive matte lipstick if you like vivid colors and don't expect too much from it. That' about it, really.

Where to buy? eBayKoreaDepartKollectionK


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