Review: Hera Age Away Intensive Mask

I love sleeping packs but unfortunately, my pores usually disagree with me on that one. See, the vast majority of sleeping packs I have tried, are very silicone-heavy, and that means they will clog my pores. It doesn't mean the same to everyone; a lot of people love silicone in their skincare, for it typically has an instant smoothing effect. My pores hate smoothness, apparently, and protest each time a silicone - more often than not, dimethicone - is high on a product's ingredient list. I am not giving up on my quest for the perfect-to-me sleeping pack, which is how I crossed paths with the Hera Age Away Intensive Mask.

About the brand:
Hera is a member of the gigantic AmorePacific Corporation family, along with other well-known ones like Laneige, Primera, Iope, or the greatest love of my beauty life, Sulwhasoo. Hera gets the inspiration for their products from the "Seoulista," who "is a Korean woman who captivates the world with her confidence, dignity, boundless passion and beauty." (source) Hera "was founded in 1995 to embrace the essence of skin science after 30 years of research into cell activities and bioactive substances." (source)

What this product claims to achieve:

  • Massage mask that lifts resilience of face and neck, and revitalizes
  • Boosts skin energy, and gives smooth skin texture and brightening skin tone
  • Double massage effect gives gentle rolling feeling and resilience
  • Shea butter ingredient soothes skin, and keeps skin moisturized
  • Spreads mildly, and leaves smooth and soft finish
  • For massage of facial contour (source)

Directions and ingredients:
"1. At the last stage of base skin care, apply moderate amount on face and neck, and massage around two minutes.
2. Also for sleeping mask that needs to be rinsed off with water in the next morning." (source)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a full ingredient list, so other than the shea butter mentioned above, I have absolutely no clue what else is in here...

Before I start telling you about my experiences with this product, I have had to conclude, when I started researching it, that it has been, sadly, discontinued. If you compare the above photo with the currently available Age Away line, you will see that it isn't the only one the manufacturer seems to have ditched. Sadly, I say, because I quite like it, and I could see it take a semi-permanent place in my routine (semi-permanent because, really, it's almost irrelevant how well a product works when there are millions of others I want to try and therefore will keep straying.)

Does it even make sense for me to write a review about a product that's no longer being manufactured? To me, it does. First, while my AB routine as a whole has done more for my skin than anything the Western world had been able to offer for 20+ years, after a while, it's very hard for me to find individual products that are able to add something obviously positive to it. Which this one has. Also, you might be lucky and snag either deluxe samples, just like I did, or even a full-size tub, but are unsure if it's something you will like; in that case, I hope this little review will help you decide.
While I do not have the complete ingredient list for this product (and I am OK with that; I had spent almost 40 years on this Earth not paying attention to it, before I got into AB, and I am still alive and my kin hasn't fallen off, so I guess it's perfectly fine if it still happens sometimes,) I can tell that it's not your typical silicone-heavy sleeping pack. Not unlike my great love, the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask (of which I will have to buy a large sample pack again,) this Hera product is also of the more creamy, viscous kind. It obviously does have oils in it (most likely others beyond the shea butter, too,) which makes it very slippery, and because of which there's a slight, but not at all uncomfortable or annoying film left on my skin. I don't mind it at all, for it makes this mask feel even more nourishing.

I have been using this mask as a sleeping pack for a few weeks, two-to-three nights a week, in lieu of my night cream. It has a slightly floral scent, but I only know it because I checked before sitting down to write this review; otherwise, I wouldn't have even noticed. Whenever I use it, I wake up with exceptionally soft and subtle skin, in the morning. My skin loves it, and apparently eats it all up within 10-15 minutes of me finishing with my evening routine. What's even better, my pores don't protest against it, like they do against the majority of sleeping packs I have tried.

While this may not have been the most comprehensive review you have ever read, or even remotely close to an acceptable one, for there has been very little information I can share other than my very own experiences, and this mask has even been discontinued, I hope that you will stumble upon this page when you find one of the last few of it left, and will give it a try.

Recommend? I would if it weren't discontinued. While the original price was quite hefty (over USD 80.00 on the few sites I could still dig up,) and it would certainly be very, very expensive to use as a massage cream (for it would probably run out pretty fast,) I am still on the hunt for some more deluxe samples to grab.

Where to buy? I wish I knew. If you find it anywhere, please do leave a comment below.


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