Review: Leaders Insolution Dr. Therapy Foot Mask

In an effort to get my feet flip-flop-ready, I decided to use the Leaders Insolution Dr. Therapy Foot Mask shortly after they had stopped shedding dead skin, thanks to the Nature Republic peel. My thinking was that the renewed skin would have an easier time soaking up all the nourishing essence from a mask, and my feet would end up looking like a baby's. Let's see if anything even remotely similar ever happened...

About the brand:
Leaders Insolution was founded in 2003, and claims to be the #1 Korean brand for "medical beauty masks." They're best known for their sheet masks, of which they claim to sell 800,000 a month. (source)

What this product claims to achieve:
"Moisturizes rough, chapped, callused feet with essence of aloe vera, beeswax, and ceramides; comes in an easy to use sock-type design with a patented adhesive sticker; free of benzophenone, artificial colorants, and sulphates; hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested." (source)

Directions and ingredients:

After leaving my last pair of moisturizing booties on for too long, and successfully making the skin on my feet look temporarily like that of a floater, this time I was determined to actually follow the instructions.

The booties are made of some sort of soft-ish plastic material, which is fine by me. What I found strange is that there was some essence on the outside of each as well. It made putting them on a bit of a pain in the backside, for I was trying to not smear the essence over everything in sight.

The next challenge was the stickers on the sides that you use to help keep the booties in place. What I am pretty sure happened is that there must be two different ways to go about removing/attaching these stickers: one right, and one wrong. As expected, I chose the wrong way. Now, I won't be able to tell you what exactly I did; however, I can tell you that it's really not that complicated for an adult to kinda mess up these stickers. So, just don't do it - whatever it may be.

Now, despite the facts that 1. the booties had essence on the outside, and 2. I messed up the sticker on one, it actually helped tie them around my ankles pretty well, which goes against pretty much everything I ever knew about how things work. However, at the end of the day, it's a plus, even if it confused the hell out of me.

Since there was no way I was going to lie down with my feet in the air (so that I wouldn't get the essence on everything around me) for a half an hour, I simply put some badass Spiderman socks over the booties, which temporarily made my ankles look swollen, but allowed me to walk around the house and, you know, do something other than stare at the ceiling.

I am not posting some meh close-ups of my feet before and after the treatment because, honestly, you wouldn't see much of a difference. Despite the promises on the packaging, it didn't feel like this mask provided "intense hydration" and my skin certainly wasn't "silky." Sure, it was slightly more hydrated than a half an hour earlier, but no more than it would be right after using any kind of regular foot cream (or, well, any kind of moisturizing cream.) 

I hate knowing there's cream on my feet (I have no idea why even the thought makes me feel uneasy,) so I really don't use one on my feet as often as I probably should. Which is why I got this mask; I thought it would provide me with longer lasting hydration than a foot cream would.

It didn't. It was meh. It was slightly hydrating, but by the next morning, my feet looked exactly what they had looked the previous morning, pre-foot-masking. And now, suddenly, I am out of words. I would love to write something memorable about this mask to finish off this review, but I can't. Because it's really just as mediocre as they come...

Recommend? No. You might achieve some results if you used this daily; but, that would be a pretty expensive hobby, with results that are no better than if you used a regular foot cream before going to bed, every night. There's nothing outstanding or memorable about this product.

Where to buy? RoseRoseShopAmazon 


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