Review: Neogence XperMoist Deeply Moisturizing Mask

I have tried a lot of random sheet masks recently because... well, who wouldn't want to? I typically just bid on ones sold by Korean and Taiwanese eBay stores, and as long as I win each for less than a couple of bucks, shipping included, I am happy. I have actually discovered some pretty awesome, new sellers this way, too. And, I have tried several masks about which I had had very little information. One of those was the Neogence XperMoist Deeply Moisturizing Mask, about which this review is.

About the brand:
"Established in 2005, Taiwan skincare brand Neogence offers laboratory-tested serums, masks and sonic cleansing brushes developed specifically for dry and sensitive Asian skin. Deriving its name from the words 'neo' and 'gene,' the brand provides safe and effective products, such as the classic Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence and C+ Intensive Whitening Series, to tackle various skin problems." (source)

Product claims, instructions, and ingredients:
Excuse the glare...

First, looking closer at the ingredient list reminds me why I need to reconsider constantly looking at ingredient lists, and spending way too much time trying to decipher them.
See, the preservative phenoxyethanol, which is the fifth ingredient on this list, is "approved worldwide (including in Japan and in the EU) for use in all types of water-based cosmetics, up to a 1% concentration." (source) Assuming that the manufacturer follows this rule, the first four ingredients in the essence of this mask make up over 99% of the formulation. And those are the first four ingredients in the vast majority of sheet masks, even pricey ones.
It makes me wonder why some masks still seem to provide me with so much better or worse results than the rest.
And this one, my friends, is one of those I will definitely remember.

As you can see in the "product claims" photo, this mask pack has 30ml of essence, 20% more than your average pack. I expected the sheet to be drenched in essence, and for a lot of it being left over in the pouch. I was wrong about both.
The sheet does have a plastic backing, which makes unfolding easier. It's nice; however, I don't think it's absolutely necessary since the sheet is not thin, so it should be easy to unfold without the backing.

Just like the majority of Taiwanese sheet masks I have tried, this one was also too wide for my face. Instead of trying to cut it, and cutting my hair in the process like I had done before, I simply folded the sides back, and that made it perfectly fine. Despite the relative thickness of the sheet, it was actually quite comfortable to wear, and I could leave it on for nearly an hour - while going on about my business inside the house - before I felt like it was starting to really dry out.

When I removed the sheet was when I was really surprised. There was some essence left (I had also layered several other serums/essences before putting on the mask,) and it took only about ten seconds of patting for my skin to drink it all up, with absolutely no residue left. My skin looked as if I had just had an expensive facial. It was perfectly soothed, plumped, even-colored, and my deepening frown wrinkles looked about 50% less deep - it is not a scientific number, but I do believe I am not exaggerating.

Recommend? Absolutely. This mask is fabulous. I can see it work for practically any skin type (unless you're sensitive to one of the ingredients) because it leaves absolutely no oily/shiny/heavy residue behind; only exceptionally plumped, healthy skin. At less than $1.00 a mask if you buy a pack of 10 on YesStyle (or less than $2.00 with free international shipping on eBay,) on my skin this product performed way better than the majority of masks in this price range.

Where to buy? eBayYesStyle


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