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I hardly ever win anything... in life. I do play the lotto each week because I am convinced I will have to win if I want to achieve my biggest dream (a nice house where I can provide care for old and/or special needs dogs for however long they have left,) but that hasn't happened yet. I enter giveaways and what-not here and there, but I don't win. Normally, I don't.
Unboxing Beauty is one of my favorite blogs (for reasons I will explain below) and when Michelle posted a giveaway, I knew immediately I just had to try (for reasons I will explain below.) When I found out I had won, I was seriously giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. Today, I picked up my package, and thought I'd share with you all its contents. After all, it's from the owner of a blog called Unboxing Beauty!

If you check out the original post about the giveaway, you will see all the goodies I have received (I had won 1st Price!) I honestly wouldn't have cared which one I win if I win, for each of the three packages had a lot of cool stuff I wanted to try. 
Which is what made me enter in the first place. You know how you can enter giveaways for regular microwave ovens, for example? I don't care much about microwave ovens, and mine works fine, so they really don't excite me. Which is how I feel about a lot of beauty giveaways. I feel meh about a lot of products, and I don't want to waste my karma points on those.

But one look at Michelle's giveaway, and you can tell that it was da bomb. 
First, it was a whole lot of stuff. Second, it was a lot of interesting stuff. Third, there was quite some niche stuff. Stuff I legit wanted to try and not just hoard.

I follow a lot of AB-related blogs (there are almost 200 on my Blogger.com list, even though I am sure some of those are now defunct.) There's a few whose posts I am always excited to click on (not necessarily the ones you might assume,) and Unboxing Beauty is definitely one of them.
Here is why:

  • Michelle tries a lot of products. And I mean a lot. She finds some of the more obscure subscription boxes. She also finds random, lesser-known stuff to put on her face, hands, and feet, and reviews them. I myself am guilty of this, too, but I often wonder how many more reviews of the Etude House sheet masks the Internet really needs. On her blog, I constantly run into products and brands I had never heard of, or at least had never seen reviewed.
  • She is possibly my skin twin. We are pretty much the same age, and have very similar skin concerns. Even though she considers her skin oily, while mine has gone from oily to normal since I started on my AB-journey, looking back on her reviews of products that I ended up trying, it's very rare that our experiences differ.
  • Her reviews are awesomely detailed (how does she even find the time? she posts a lot. she must be some sort of speed-typing champion.) but not overly detailed when I'm just like, "Get to the point, already." She is obviously very comfortable around ingredient lists, and she seems to have firm, but realistic expectations of topical beauty products, making her observations very reliable.

I have no idea if we are also tastebud twins, but that is my absolute favorite flavor of the Lindor truffles, and I ate both right away.

I am very excited to use a lot of these products. Other than the Innisfree mask, I haven't tried the rest, and I have been eyeing those relaxing eye masks in the second photo (I have a very hard time trying to chill out.) There are so many full-size skincare and makeup products here, and there isn't a single one I am not looking forward to trying. Hell, I am even excited about the Maybelline mascara; I have been using their Colossal Volum' one for years and years, and it works so great that I refuse to give it up for an AB product.

Somehow, she even found samples that AB stores don't keep sending with each. and. every. order:

Are those the L'Herboflore mini masks?! Ever since I saw these, I have wanted to put them on one of my Chihuahuas! :D

As you can tell, I am very, very happy to have won this price. If you aren't yet, I highly suggest that you follow Unboxing Beauty for lots of interesting reviews - and upcoming giveaways!

Sorry about the crappy photos. No idea why they turned out like this today.


  1. You take great pics!! Better than mine :) Thank you for devoting a whole blog post on this ~ I can't wait to read some of your reviews on the products ~~ michele @ unboxing beauty

    1. I can't wait to try 'em! Again, thanks a lot for all the goodies! <3



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