Wishlisted 6/12/16

I have decided to start a series of entries for products that are new to my imaginary wish list. They’re products that are new-on-the-market or new-to-me, and I am not actually planning to buy them anytime soon (hence my calling it an “imaginary” wish list,) either because I have more than enough similar products already, or - and that will be the case with most of them - I cannot afford to buy them.
However, imagine if I suddenly win the lotto, and my brain just goes empty as soon as I sit down in front of my laptop to go crazy with my AB shopping. That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Well, in that case, I will have these blog entries to help me. Hey, you gotta be prepared!

On the other hand, if you happen upon this blog, you might find something potentially lesser-known that you want to try. If you do, please let me know, and let me live my AB dream vicariously through you.
Until I win the lotto, that is.

Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask

Unlike the name suggests, this is Sulwhasoo's latest sleeping pack. I haven't had a whole lot of luck with sleeping packs because they tend to be rather full of silicones, and 'cones and my pores are just not a match made in heaven (hello, CC's!) I do love one Hera sleeping pack (so, of course, that's been discontinued,) and my skin seems to have loved the samples I had slapped on it of the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask because my skin is a spoiled little bitch. In fact, my skin loves everything Sulwhasoo (my wallet doesn't - thank heavens for large sample packs!) so it's safe to assume it would love this latest sleeping pack, too.

Sulwhasoo claims that "JadesphereTM maximizes absorption by encasing precious White Jade components in porous capsules, delivering thousands of years of purifying energy into the deep layers of the skin." Which, on one hand, sounds like complete bull; yet, on the other hand, it is totally intriguing, and makes me believe without a doubt that this product would do something something absolutely miraculous to my skin. Overnight. With some sort of capsulized stones making their way into them deep layers. Nope? Yes.

It also comes with the coolest-looking spatula that alone seems like it's nothing short of a magic wand:

We don't know how much this is going to cost. And, we don't care. This blog entry will be useful when I win the lotto, and then I won't care, either. You can't put a price tag on magic.
Sulwhasoo Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Soothing UV Protection Fluid

Just because it's Sulwhasoo, it apparently doesn't mean that it cannot have an unnecessarily long name. And, because it's Sulwhasoo, I don't care. I apologize for seemingly turning this blog entry into some Sulwhasoo fangirl slobberfest, but I have just discovered this product, too, and it's absolutely going on my imaginary wishlist. 

The star ingredient in this baby is birch sap, not unlike that in the CosRX oil-free lotion (which is, strangely, MIA from the brand's official website, so here is the Wishtrend link in case you don't know which product I am referring to.) The latter is undoubtedly a much more affordable solution to those whose latest goal in life is slapping birch sap on their faces. 
However, this here is a rather powerful sunscreen. Plus, you know, it's Sulwhasoo. I don't even care if it leaves a white cast or not. As I am typing this, it only seems to be listed on the brand's Korean website, so it must be very new. Which is why I can't even begin to try and figure out if there's an ingredient list available somewhere in the deep belly of the Interwebz. Even if it does, I would just cover it with my imaginary limited edition Perfecting Cushion
Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel Gelee Mask Sheet

When I suffered second degree burns on much of my right hand, a few months ago, because I am terribly accident-prone in the kitchen (so, yeah, I typically stay out of it,) the only product I used on it, was Holika Holika's popular Aloe 99% Gel. It healed rather quickly and literally without any scarring whatsoever. None. Also, I am addicted to the scent. So, of course I would also have to try their new Aloe 99% sheet mask!

I am not sure how much they could add to my current routine, but I would absolutely buy and use these. It looks like they have also repackaged the soothing gel, and the shower gel (they better not have reformulated either,) and I have no idea what the third one because the photo is too small, but yeah, I would get that, too:

Rilakkuma x A'Pieu Series

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a great fan of A'Pieu products. Neither am I a huge makeup person; furthermore, most Korean makeup is just, you know, not right for me.
However, I love cute things. You know who loves cute things even more? My father's wife! So, I would probably go and buy pretty much everything in the new Rilakkuma x A'Pieu Series for her.

I would buy this cushion blusher because she has been into coral-ish colors lately.

I would buy this cleansing foam because this has the cutest packaging. Because, reasons!
And, I would buy this cushion, even though #23 is too light for both of us, but maybe she would want to use the case... for something.


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