Wishlisted 6/28/16

I have decided to start a series of entries for products that are new to my imaginary wish list. They’re products that are new-on-the-market (or, sometimes new-to-me only,) and I am not actually planning to buy them anytime soon (hence my calling it an “imaginary” wish list,) either because I have more than enough similar products already, or - and that will be the case with most of them - I cannot afford to buy them.
However, imagine if I suddenly win the lotto, and my brain just goes empty as soon as I sit down in front of my laptop to go crazy with my AB shopping. That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Well, in that case, I will have these blog entries to help me. Hey, you gotta be prepared!

On the other hand, if you happen upon this blog, you might find something potentially lesser-known that you want to try. If you do, please let me know, and let me live my AB dream vicariously through you.
Until I win the lotto, that is.

Neogen Green Tea Gauze Peeling 
and Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick

I have never tried Neogen, but some bloggers whose opinion I appreciate, have, and they all seem to be quite satisfied with the brand's offerings, especially their collection of gauze peeling pads.

I use the CosRX AHA lotion pretty much every day, so I am not perfectly sure how much Neogen's new Green Tea Gauze Peeling would add to my routine. However, it is the summer, so there's a whole lot of sweating and being disgusting involved in living life these days, and a well-formulated green tea product should be very helpful in making me feel less yucky.

There's been a couple very popular cleansing sticks in the Western AB community, but somehow, I never ended up trying any of them. To me, cleansers are possibly the most boring skincare step, and I have had a very hard time really telling the difference between the ones I have used.

So, really, I have no excuse for getting excited when I first saw this Green Tea Cleansing Stick; nevertheless, I did. Even though we are talking lottery winner status where I can totally get anything that I want, this is probably something I would buy even before winning the lotto. It just makes me feel good looking at it. I have no problems believing that this would be wonderful for my face. It looks gorgeous even upon application:

And, the star ingredients have gorgeous photos, too. 

Yup, I am convinced both of these products are magical, so onto my imaginary wish list they go!
The History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence Special Set

"Have you gotten your hands on our Spring limited edition Soon Hwan Essence Special Set? Inspired by the Lotus carvings on the Korean royal palaces, Whoo adapted the same regal motifs into the design of our signature first-step essence, Soon Hwan Essence."

This is what The History of Whoo Singapore Facebook page posted on June 13th, so I immediately ran over to their Korean website, which seems to be not working? Or, is it just me? Ugh.

Then I found this photo below on CMN, and I died. Even though The History of Whoo is generally aimed at a very much aging crowd, and all their products I have tried were a little too much for my 40-year-old skin, I would absolutely buy this limited edition series because OhMyGodJustLookAtThatPackaging!*

(*I know that for some of you, especially if you are under 30, my age suggests that I am aging. Maybe, my skin suggests that it's aging, too. Thing is, I do not feel like an aging person, in general. I know I turned 40 a few months ago, but it makes very little sense inside my head. Therefore, I have a hard time thinking that a product line - or, in this case, much of an entire brand - aimed at aging skin, is actually aimed at my skin.)
SNP Timeless Black Homme All-In-One Fluid

Neither have I turned into a man halfway through writing this post, nor do I have a significant other, but I do have a father. Daddy-O is 81 years-old, and gives exactly zero crap about skincare. However, the other weekend his wife mentioned that she had noticed her Holika Holika aloe gel being emptied at an excessive rate, so he's obviously been using and enjoying it. He immediately shuts me down whenever I tell him that he should use a sheet mask to relax, but maybe he wouldn't mind just one step? 

This new product for men by SNP claims to work as a toner (skin,) essence, lotion, cream, and eye cream. While the whole point of having a gazillion products is the ability to fully customize one's routine - on a daily basis, if necessary, - and all-in-one products are typically frowned upon, I can see how this could be very attractive to a Western man whose only skincare product so far has been an after-shave balm. 

So, while Daddy-O would probably frown upon me if I gave this to him, this is a must-have on my imaginary wishlist. Who knows, he might even use it. In secret.


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