Review: Naruko Green Tea Shine Control and Blemish Clear Mask

On my quest to try as many random sheet masks as my wallet allows - which presents itself in my bidding on plenty eBay auctions that offer one or two masks, capping my bids at around $2/mask with shipping included, - I recently won and received two of the Naruko Green Tea Shine Control and Blemish Clear Mask. While I no longer have issues with excess sebum (thanks, AB!) I do still have pore issues, which result in a zit here and there, every now and then, I knew that I would eventually wake up to a new creature on my face, which is when I thought this mask might come in handy. Let's see it it did...

About the brand:
Naruko is a Taiwanese skincare brand by Niu-Er, a guy affectionately referred to as Taiwan's top beauty guru. According to Naruko's Malaysian website, Niu-Er invests $15,000 per month to buy and test skincare products from all over the world, and he has collected over 100,000 products so far. Holy crap, I am pretty sure I want to be him when I grow up. Imagine allthestuff I could get... I don't even know if all this is true or a marketing pitch, and I still want to be him. But, I digress. Naruko was apparently voted (by whom, we don't know) Best New Brand in both Taiwan and China in 2010.

What this product claims to achieve:
  • Absorbs excess oil and prevents future breakouts
  • Balances oil and water secretion
  • Cleans, opens, tightens pores
  • Hydrates and soothes skin
  • Reduces skin dullness (source)

Instructions and ingredients:

Ingredients of note, in no particular order:
  • Salicylic Acid - a beta hydroxy acid with anti-acne and antimicrobial properties
  • Witch Hazel Extract - soothing and balancing properties
  • Sodium Hyaluronate - a substance naturally found in the human body that's famous for its ability of retaining up to 1,000 times of its weight in water 
  • Tea Tree Oil - derived from the leaves of the tea tree, it's known for its acne-fighting and antifungal properties
  • Tranexamic Acid - a skin conditioning, synthetic amino-acid
  • Saw Palmetto - an herb that is said to fight acne by balancing the skin's water and oil levels
  • Lentil Seed Extract - an ingredient said to refine pores and help even out the skin's surface
  • Phytopherulin® - "The extract of Coptis Chinensis Franch is combined with 10 concentrated plant extracts, which enhances the skin's defense against external harm, and revitalizes the skin from the inside out." (source

The only other Naruko products I had tried prior to this mask, were their Rose & Botanic HA, and Snail Essence masks. The scent of the former was too much for me. I have a strange nose. It typically cannot tell two scents apart no matter how hard it tries - if it can even detect any, - then there are some that feel like they go straight into my brain. I have nothing against the scent of roses, but this was just overwhelming. My father's wife disagrees with me, though, so YMMV even when it's about scents. The latter was an outstanding mask, even though I doubt I could use it in the morning. I should review those separately, I guess, because I am really getting off track here. Back to the green tea mask at hand...

I absolutely love black masks. They always seem to adhere so much better to my face than "white masks," and since I have issues with things not fitting properly (to a point where I cannot wear an ill-fitting mask for more than a few minutes because it just drives me nuts,) this was certainly a huge plus for me.

The essence is, I would say, of medium thickness, and there's just the right amount of it in the pouch. The sheet seems to be able to retain most of it, so you're not left trying to figure out what to do with the leftover essence. It, by the way, smells slightly of baby soap. I think? (Remember, my nose is weird.) That's certainly not the most pleasant smell, but it wasn't anything offensive to me.

I wore this mask for about 45 minutes, by which time the outside was rather dry; however, there was still some leftover essence on the inside as well as my skin, so I think one could wear it for even longer. It was easy to pat in, and there was no tacky residue left once my skin absorbed it (which took no more than five minutes.) 

As far as the claims go:
  • I didn't have excess oil to begin with, and I have no idea if it helped prevent future breakouts; 
  • it certainly felt like it helped balance the skin's water and oil secretion because mine looked healthily matte, if that makes any sense;
  • how it could open, clean, and tighten pores all at the same time, is a mystery to me, and I am pretty sure it didn't do all of that. However, my pores looked less offensive than before;
  • it did feel hydrating and soothing;
  • it did reduce skin dullness, and while my skin wasn't exactly radiant, it looked exceptionally healthy.

That one zit that prompted me to use this mask, in the first place? It was visibly less angry. No, it didn't POOF! disappear. I wish there were anything that did that. But, it did seem flatter, and it was less painful. (Side note: I had put a very thin layer of a clay mask over the pimple for the night. This is my go-to method for the occasional deeper, painful zit that is several layers underneath the surface. With the "overnight clay mask treatment," it is very rare that it doesn't come to the surface by the morning. Which is what had been going on here, prior to masking.) Over the day, it did eventually become slightly more red and visible again, which is to be expected (for me, anyway. This keeps happening.) However, I do like the immediate effect this mask had on it.

Recommend? Yes. This is an extremely comfortable, high quality clay mask that has a good potential of helping those with acne and/or oily skin, the occasional breakouts, or just the bit of a mess that the heat/humidity can cause.

Where to buy? BeautibieBay


  1. this is one of my favorite naruko masks! I think it smells like spearmint - you must have some lovely smelling soaps :)

    1. LOL Goes to show how much I suck at smelling. :)



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