Wishlisted 7/11/16

I have decided to start a series of entries for products that are new to my imaginary wish list. They’re products that are new-on-the-market (or, sometimes new-to-me only,) and I am not actually planning to buy them anytime soon (hence my calling it an “imaginary” wish list,) either because I have more than enough similar products already, or - and that will be the case with most of them - I cannot afford to buy them.
However, imagine if I suddenly win the lotto, and my brain just goes empty as soon as I sit down in front of my laptop to go crazy with my AB shopping. That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Well, in that case, I will have these blog entries to help me. Hey, you gotta be prepared!

On the other hand, if you happen upon this blog, you might find something potentially lesser-known that you want to try. If you do, please let me know, and let me live my AB dream vicariously through you.
Until I win the lotto, that is.

GD-11 Stem Cell EXS Intesnive Micro Cream

I had never heard about GD-11 until I saw the news about the launch of this product; apparently, they belong to the same family of brands as Mizon (and a bunch of others I have never heard of, like Nabion or Dr. Myer's.)

This is apparently a two-step product where you mix the micro-cream with the micro-powder, and then all kinds of magical things happen. The cream allegedly has no less than 190,000PPM of stem cell culture from blood in the umbilical cord (am I reading this right?) so it must be magical. I have no idea how much that is, compared to stem cell culture found in other products (yeah, I have no idea either way, really) but it sounds like a lot.
I would totally put it on my face. It is said to have whitening/brightening and wrinkle-fighting powers.
It also retails for 95,000 Won (that would be 80+ US dollars,) so it must be great because it's expensive.

There's also apparently an entire line of stem cell goodies, one product more expensive than the next, but once I win the lottery, I really won't care, as long as I can have stem cells all over my face.
Laneige Marine Summer Collection

So far, Laneige has failed to impress me, and I have pretty much given up on their skincare products. When it comes to Korean makeup, other than eyeshadows and some eyeliners, the colors - whether it's lip or BB/CC products - just seem to be off. Their mascaras don't interest me because Western ones fully meet my expectations and they're readily available, and I don't need eyebrow stuff (not because my eyebrows are perfect - I successfully killed off the ends during the eyebrow-plucking craze of the 90s, - but because they're tattooed.) So, I am kinda meh when it comes to Korean makeup in general.

You know what I do love, though? Anything sea-related. Which is weird because I currently live in a country that doesn't have a seashore, and I haven't even been to one for, well, years and years. It could be the fact that I am obsessed with the color blue? I don't know.

Either way, if I won the lottery, I would immediately pick up this summer collection that consists of a set of eyeshadows and nail polishes, plus a sparkling body cushion. I am not even sure I would use the latter, but I can see it work on my décolletage. I love the nail polish colors (I only use nail polish on my toes because it just starts chipping way too quickly on my fingernails which tend to grow way too long,) and I love the eyeshadow colors. Oh, and I love the marine-themed packaging.

Both Laneige's Korean and international websites seem to be down at the moment, and CMN doesn't list the prices of these products, but since Lanaige is typically in the upper mid-range (price-wise; I really don't think they belong there quality-wise, but that's just my humble opinion,) I will go out on a limb and say that I won't buy these until I win the lottery. As soon as I do, though, I am so there!
Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Foil Shield Mask Sheet

Speaking of pricey brands, Skinfood isn't one. Their products have been a hit-or-miss for me so far; I either love them, or kinda hate them, but I still consider it a solid and affordable brand, even if I won't go out of my way to grab one of their products.
Their new mask is listed at 6,000 Won for one or 24,000 Won for four (which is a marketing fail because why would anyone buy a larger amount when it costs the same per mask as just grabbing one?) and the essence (which is half of an entire essence bottle in a single mask pouch) contains large amounts of propolis extract, royal jelly extract, and honey extract, so I am sure this would work great on days when one's skin is exceptionally dry. Which is not one of these hot and humid summer days for me, but eventually, this dreaded season will be over.

The only reason I would buy this, though, is because it's a foil mask. Honestly, I have no idea how a foil mask could be any better than a good quality silk mask, for example, but I may only be saying this because one of my greatest issues with sheet masks, ever, is when they're ill-fitting. It drives me crazy, and it makes me take the mask off as soon as possible because I. Just. Can't. Stand. Ill-fitting. Sheet. Masks. These foil masks tend to be much more expensive than regular masks, which is why I really haven't felt the urge to try one yet.

With the lottery winnings in my hand - or bank account - it would be a whole different story, though, and I would likely grab one of these. Not four, though, because they would cost the same per mask, you know.
Vital Beautie Super Collagen

The jury is still out on whether topical collagen products could ever really be able to do what they are supposed to, for the molecules are apparently too large to penetrate deep enough into the skin (that is, where collagen normally lives.) Or something like that.
I have read similar complaints about collagen supplements taken orally; "similar" meaning they probably don't do much because they need to go through so many different parts of the body to finally make it into the outer layers of our biggest organ (our skin) that by that time, it becomes useless. Or something like that.
Obviously, I know nothing about chemistry, but both arguments make sense to me (not that it keeps me from using topical collagen products, though. And, it didn't keep me from taking oral collagen supplements in the past. So, whatevz.)

Cue in this new berry-flavored collagen drink by Vital Beautie (which belongs to the Amore Pacific group of brands.) Each 20 ml little bottle apparently contains 3,000 mg of fish collagen at a low molecular weight, lactic acid bacteria, fermented Jeju Island green tea, potassium, and other ingredients that are supposed to heal your skin from the inside. It is advised that one drinks it in the evening, around the night skincare routine time.

I have no idea whether it works or not, and it costs 90,000 Won for a 28-day supply in Amore Pacific's online mall, but it really wouldn't matter much if I did indeed won the lottery, so I would absolutely give this a try.
Guerisson Horse Oil Delight Cream

I am kind of lying here when I say that I would buy the new version of Guerisson's famous horse-oil cream. Yes, I know they aren't actually killing horses just so their fat can be worked into beauty products. Yes, I know that the fat they use is a by-product of the horse slaughter industry that might otherwise be useless. But... it's the horse slaughter industry, you know. I consider horses sentient beings, and I don't want to smear remains of sentient beings on my face.
Unless it's stuff from a newborn's umbilical cord. Yeah, I'll totally put that on my face because I am cool like that.

Anyway, while I would probably not buy (and most definitely not use) this product, I appreciate seeing, again, how responsive the Korean beauty market is to customer demand (much more so than the Western market, I believe.) I have seen many a review where the reviewer liked the original cream, but found it too heavy and oily. Well, this version is said to be much lighter and without the heavy residue. Which I think is great news for those who want to slap horse fat on their faces but couldn't figure out how to make the original version work.

A 70 ml jar costs 39,000 Won on the 9•Complex website, so it's not ridiculously expensive; however, it's a price point that I will probably not cross before I do win the lottery.


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