Wishlisted 7/30/16

I have decided to start a series of entries for products that are new to my imaginary wish list. They’re products that are new-on-the-market (or, sometimes new-to-me only,) and I am not actually planning to buy them anytime soon (hence my calling it an “imaginary” wish list,) either because I have more than enough similar products already, or - and that will be the case with most of them - I cannot afford to buy them.
However, imagine if I suddenly win the lotto, and my brain just goes empty as soon as I sit down in front of my laptop to go crazy with my AB shopping. That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Well, in that case, I will have these blog entries to help me. Hey, you gotta be prepared!

On the other hand, if you happen upon this blog, you might find something potentially lesser-known that you want to try. If you do, please let me know, and let me live my AB dream vicariously through you.
Until I win the lotto, that is.

1. Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Cleansing Water

I would buy this product for several reasons.
One is, I have yet to purchase a cleansing water, and this just sounds like it would be the perfect product to start with. It apparently includes 83% Icelandic moss extract, which I have no idea what it does, but just the sound of it makes me think it would be amazing for the skin.
Two, I have read very nice things about Thank You Farmer on a few blogs, and I haven't had the chance to try any of their products yet.
Three, while I really only want a cleansing water for the morning (which is why I haven't actually spent the money to purchase one; it just sounds like something I can absolutely live without, which doesn't mean that I wouldn't still want it in my life,) according to their ads, it seems like one of its abilities is removing makeup, including point makeup. So, that's pretty nice. Not that I'd want to skip double cleansing (using an oil cleanser, promptly followed by a foaming cleanser,) but it would be nice to have that option available to me.

What I find strange - and, remember, I am working with Google translate here, so there's a whole lot I don't understand at all, - is that it comes in 30ml bottles. That is quite little. I've always imagined using cleansing waters by splashing them on my face while listening to some of my favorite songs and having zero care in the world. Which you can't do a whole lot of times when the product comes in a smaller bottle than some serums. Even if you put it on a pad, like in the photos, it shouldn't last too long.
Am I missing something? Is it more of a makeup remover that happens to be called a cleansing water because, anarchy? No idea.
So, that's confusing. Then again, it's actually very inexpensive at 4,000 Won, so maybe there's a "normal" bottle that I am not finding?

Either way, I would totally buy it because I want it, and it also has all of these awesome-looking ingredients in the photo above, so what would I have to lose, right?
2. Neogen 3D Lifting Compression Span-Tex Mask

Neogen is another brand I haven't yet tried but have heard a lot of good things about, so when I saw this mask, I knew it had to go right on my imaginary wish list. At 55,000 Won for five, it is certainly way out of my price range, but we are playing If I Won The Lottery here, so who cares?

Honestly, I very much doubt that a mask can lift my skin that has started giving in to gravity a few years ago. The only V-line mask I have ever tried, did absolutely nothing. Not even temporarily. That Max Clinic stick with the unbelievably awesome video from a couple months ago? Yeah, thanks to Tracy from Fancerviced-B, who sacrificed herself and her wallet for the rest of us, we now know that it doesn't do anything, either.
This one, however, just looks so futuristic that I want to believe it does something outstanding, even temporarily. And, really, with some large lottery winning, 55,000 Won would make no difference, right?
3. Goodal Double Bright 7Days Whitening Ampoule

Apparently, it's one of those days, so let me say the very same thing about Goodal that I have just said about the two previous brands: haven't tried, read good things, want to try.

Now, according to the Goodal website, this seven-day ampoule was released in May; however, CMN says the release date was 7/14/16, so I am totally going with the latter one because 1. what does Goodal know about their own products, and 2. that doesn't make me feel like a donkey for not having noticed it earlier.

Anyway, just like with the mask above, I am not sure I believe that the signs of decades of tanning can be erased - or, at least, visibly reduced - in seven days. (Unless you're seeing a cosmetic dermatologist who has all sorts of alien technology in their office. Even then, I have my doubts about such quick results.) But, hey, stranger things have happened (have they really, though?) and I would certainly give it a try.

Apparently, on the first six days, you need to use the Vitamin C ampoule, and on the seventh day, God takes a break from creating life and such, and you switch over to the "D-Day ampoule." (D-Day? Really? Normandy and what-not? Did they think this through?) I cannot figure out what that is. Vitamin D? For those with psoriasis? I don't know, and I wouldn't care, I would slap it all on my face. There's also lotus flower extract in it. So, it's all good.

The original price is a hefty 38,000 Won, but it is currently available for around 10,000 Won less on the Goodal website. Then you add whatever you have to pay for a shopping service, plus shipping and whatever else, but who cares, we are talking lottery money here.
4. Hera Eye Gloss

OK, here's a brand I have tried (finally,) and I have actually been quite unimpressed with. I have used several different types of Hera skincare products, and I was never tempted to repurchase any of them. These new eye glosses, though? To. Die. For. How darn pretty are they?! "Eye gloss" - am I the only one who hasn't quite heard this expression yet? (OK, don't laugh, I am really not much of a makeup person.) The concept alone is intriguing to me, and I absolutely love all three currently available shades. I can imagine that this gives eyes a subtly sparkly look, all innocent, "just there," yet everyone notices that something's different about your face, that somehow you look younger or, at least, well-rested... Yeah, that's what I imagine these would do to me.

Then, I have this terrible picture in my head where these smudge and settle into creases, and make you look ridiculous, as if something had gone awry while you were being put together... That's not cool. I have no idea how well these last, but I would definitely want to try, even though they cost over 30,000 Won each on Lotte.com. But, they're just so pretty... (Come on, lottery gods!)


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