Review: My Scheming Goat Milk Moisturizing & Brightening Mask

While the only My Scheming wash-off mask I have ever tried, was a complete and total flop for me, I have really been enjoying their sheet masks, which is a pretty big thing around here since I am generally not a huge sheet mask fan. Why? I feel like they're wasteful, provide only temporary results, get very pricey if you want to use one (or even two) a day, and they always, always mess up the hair around my face, and I get very irritated when the hair around my face is messed up. So, that's it in a nutshell. My Scheming hasn't failed me yet in the sheet mask department, though, so whenever I do reach for one, it's very often one of theirs. Like the My Scheming Goat Milk Moisturizing & Brightening Mask which I am planning to take a closer look at, today.

About the brand:
Everyone knows that using the right beauty mask is the key to beautiful skin. A specialist in beauty facial masks from Taiwan, My Scheming offers over 40 different facial beauty masks, from collagen to hyaluronic hydrating, so there is something for everyone. The brand is widely popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. (source)

Product claims: 
The My Scheming Goat Milk Moisturizing & Brightening Mask is enriched with high proteins, milk fats & variants of vitamins. Its mild texture can be easily absorbed by skin, preventing skin dryness while providing the skin sufficient nutrition. Its outstanding hydrating effect keeps supplying skin hydration, repairing skin wrinkles, smoothening while brighten skin. Leaves skin fair, supple & silky smooth. (source)

Ingredients and instructions:
I have no idea how people can take clear photos of these pouches

Just like all the other My Scheming sheet masks I have tried, this one comes with 30ml of essence, and a plastic backing on the ultra-thin mask. I don't really get it. It weighs about as much as the rest of the mask and packaging (I honestly don't care as much about being wasteful as I might sound, but think about all the extra weight it adds when it's being transported.) First, I can never put on a mask while the plastic backing is on. It's terribly rigid and I have no idea how it's supposed to even attempt to fit the natural curves of the face. I always end up just removing it, and then carefully adjusting the mask on my face. I am not the most subtle person on Earth, and I have natural nails, yet I have never once torn a mask, so I just don't get it.
OK, pointless rant officially over, I promise.

Not unlike the other My Scheming masks, this one comes drenched in essence, dripping all over the place, and there's so much leftover essence in the pouch. Again, I feel like this is just unnecessary. Even if I clip the corner of the pouch, pour the extra essence out and put it on my face to a point where it just physically cannot take anymore, I still have more than enough left for both of my arms.
I really think that 25ml of essence should be the most in one pouch. I just don't get why they insist on including so much extra essence.

Most of it had already poured out of my hand by the time I figured out how to operate the camera with my left hand

Well, that was a whole lot of bitchin' about a product I claim to actually enjoy, so let's get to the good part, shall we?

To me, this My Scheming flavor has a fermented scent to it, for no apparent reason. I don't mind it at all; the scent alone tells my brain that whatever it is, it is working. If that's something that bothers you, though, well, then you might be bothered.

The fit is typical of My Scheming masks: too wide on my face, and just plain wrong around the bridge of my nose. And I am fine with it because the material is extremely thin and it clings to my face as if its life depended on it (which it kinda does, if you think about it; once it's off of my face, into the trash bin it goes, and its life is over. I don't know why I just thought about something so goshdarn depressing.) Despite the fit issues, it does feel like a second skin to me, and I can walk around and take care of the dogs while wearing it without it starting to detach and feel uncomfortable. That, to me, is pretty much the best thing a mask can do: not only making the wear-time bearable, but actually making me forget that I am wearing it.
In that sense, I have yet to find a mask with better material and adherence than those by My Scheming.

Yes, I am wearing the mask here. It's pretty awesome.

I can wear this (and most other My Scheming masks I have tried) for 45+ minutes, comfortably, before it starts drying out. What I love about this particular flavor is that it is the perfect morning mask, for the leftover essence requires minimal patting, and within a few minutes, all of it feels to have absorbed into my skin, without leaving any sort of heavier residue. In the morning, I can wear my day cream (or, on the hottest days, my last-step emulsion) over it, and I don't feel like it is too much.

As for the immediate effects, they are not life-changing, but they're certainly solid. My skin always looks more even-toned (which is one of my goals) and "peaceful," if that makes any sense. It also feels generously hydrated (again, without any sort of heavy, oily feeling) and plumped.

Recommend? Absolutely. Out of all the My Scheming sheet masks I have tried (and it is not, by any means, all of them,) this one is my first choice for morning sheet masking. It is extremely thin and comfortable to wear, and provides perfectly solid results when it comes to temporarily evening out the skin tone, hydrating, and plumping, without any leftover stickiness or heaviness whatsoever.

Where to buy? eBay

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