Unboxing: Skin18.com Freebies (English only)

I have already written about the Hong Kong-based K-beauty store, Skin18.com a couple of times. First, when I placed my initial order with them. I told you all how happy I was with their prices and especially their outstanding customer service. (You can read the full review here.) A few months later, when they offered bloggers an opportunity to try and review some of the ever-growing collection of products they offer, I jumped on the chance. (You can find my review of the first pack of goodies here.) It's now the fall, and my latest Skin18.com blogger package has arrived. Let me show you what I received this time around, and once I start using up the products, I will post a review digest, too.

The first thing I noticed right away is that they no longer seem to send their products in bubble-wrapped envelopes only. If you read my previous reviews, you will know that they were always very careful to pack your order in a way where your products will easily survive the trip halfway across the world. However, I also remember talking to Skin18.com founder, the lovely Ms. Eugenie shortly after her business started, and we discussed how much more it cost if one wanted to ship out orders in fancy packaging (vs. the sturdy, safe, albeit certainly less posh bubble-wrapping.) I, for one, am very happy to see that her business must be developing nicely, and the cute baby-blue box was certainly a welcome surprise!

Now, on to my latest goodies...

I had never heard about the brand CraCare, but that's probably true for about 70% of Korean brands that I don't even know exist - there are so many of them! I received the Collagen Lifting Mask from their collection of sheet masks, and I am very much looking forward to trying it. Not only can I always do with a whole lot of lifting and collagen (I am 40, after all,) it is also a three-step mask where you use a ampoule before and a night cream after sheet masking.
It is currently available for $2.90 at Skin18.

I had actually purchased the honey mask from the same line by Mirum, from Skin18.com earlier, and you can find my review of it here. Obviously, I wasn't a huge fan, but I am looking forward to being positively surprised by the Blueberry mask.
It is currently available as a freebie (pay for shipping only, one per order) on Skin18.

Other than one of their eye masks (thanks to my previous Skin18 freebie package,) I have never used anything else by the brand Luke, but I know they have the cutest graphics on their products. Also, hyaluronic acid (or, better yet, sodium hyaluronate) is possibly my favorite ingredient right now, so I will be very happy to try this Hyaluron Essence Mask.
It is currently available for $1.65 on Skin18.

I did receive a different flavor of each the Luke nose strips and eye masks in my previous package, too. Because I use chemical exfoliants, I need to stay away from nose strips (however, if you don't and you have a blog/IG account/whatever where you post reviews, and you want to try and review it, please let me know and I'll mail it to you free of charge in exchange for a review.) It is currently being sold for $0.65 on Skin18.
I am currently suffering from an eye infection (I know, you didn't need to know that,) so I have to keep everything away from my eyes for a while, which is a shame because the infection does cause puffiness, so I would totally need this eye mask right now. Ugh, I'll have to wait a but before I can try it. It is currently being sold for $1.40 on Skin18.
Purederm is another brand I keep seeing everywhere but I don't think I have tried yet. I love wash-off masks, though (I know most people seem to think they're messier than sheet masks, but somehow I feel the opposite?) This Grape Yogurt Pack is said to brighten and smooth skin, so I'm looking forward to trying it. It is currently being sold for $0.95 on Skin18.

Inoface is another Korean brand that had previously been unknown to me; however, I have wanted to try a modeling pack for so long. I have no idea why I haven't. I guess my skincare ADD is pretty unreliable. Anyway, I have received the Propolis flavor, which will be great for these upcoming winter days when my skin needs more nourishing than it does in the summer.
This pack is currently available for $5.40 on Skin18.

Well, this is it for today. I will try all of these products over the next few weeks and will post a review digest once I have used them, so please do check back if there's anything here you'll be interested in hearing about.

Again, thanks to Skin18.com for being so generous with their freebies!


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